Tuesday, 7 February 2017

588 - Sorting Stuff Out (1) Bolt Action


Just a quickie: a week or so ago, I realised two things: (1) that I'd rediscovered four British infantrymen that I forgot I had, and (2) that I really needed to sort out a whole bunch of Bolt Action stuff.

Here's the skinny: 

This is just a selection of the armoured vehicles I've suddenly gained. That's a lot of work ahead of me...and frustratingly, I don't actually have any means of spray-base-coating them at the moment. Watch this space, eh? 
Vehicle recognition time!
Clockwise from T-L - in your own time, go on!
[there are two Hanomags missing, by the way]

The rest of these pics are the miscellaneous Brits I dug out, organised a bit more usefully into actual squads and teams. Look out for  a 10-man section, two medium mortars, a weirdly-crewed heavy mortar, a flamethrower, a 25pdr, a bunch of HQ staff and some spare sappers:

Next up? Either 40k or Flames. Not sure yet...


- D.


  1. Looks to me like there’ll be some big battles coming up in your near future? :)

    Some good stuff coming up in the painting queue for the future then!

    To answer the pop-quiz :

    Sd Kfz 251/D(?) half-track, 2x Panthers, Churchill AV’sRE, Stuart V
    3x Sherman Mark V, and a Sd Kfz 251/22?

    1. Sorry - it's been half-term over here, so I've been off on my travels.

      Bloody well done, by the way - except as far as I'm aware they're technically not Mk V Shermans - they're the US M4A3s from the Armoured Fury box...!

      There's an Sd.Kfz.251/10C coming up, too, at some point...

  2. Exciting stuff! I'm not nearly brave enough to undertake that challenge, I'll just content myself with enjoying these as they appear painted in the blogroll. Good show!

    1. Ach! Dai got it right.

      As for me, I'm only just starting to be confident telling the differences...


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