Monday, 20 February 2017

589 - Sorting Stuff Out (2) 40K Imperial Guard Medics?!


Yes - Cadia itself may indeed have fallen*, but these still remain untold millions of their brave personnel strewn across the shrinking Imperium...

...and here are a few of their finest. A wee side project for the indefatigable Zzzzzz, these models form a mixed medical squad - and boy are they mixed:
A 14-strong team. Assorted medics and their security detail.
Most were built on arrival; about six are painted, which gives
me an idea for the scheme. The delay was in getting some
rubble onto their bases. Luckily, I'm used to Zzzzzz's style.
A close-up. These models - differing slightly in scaling maybe -
are fantastic! Just beautifully made...if possibly a little deficient
in the 'blouse buttons' department..>!
Different crappy lighting
I shall get them painted up over the coming month or so (Ha! - you know my painting speed by now, right?) as they've reached the top of my painting list, but I need to mask off the models and get the bases spray-primed properly.

Oh, and I had the singular pleasure of a fleeting visit to Chez Zzzzz last week (Devos IV) and I came away with another construction project for him: six missile systems from these absolute beauties!
Ratgard's cool-looking 'Vampyrum' SAM launcher system
(used without permission from website, above)
So that's where I am with 40K. A little bit of a blast from the Draxian past, but I'm looking forward to practising the painting of whites and greys again - something I've always struggled with.

Watch this space, eh?!

- D.

*Spoiler alert.


  1. WHAT?! Cadia ...has fallen?!

  2. It didn't so much fall per se. It more sort "pffft" if you get my meaning.

    And a huge thanks to Admiral Drax for his assistance....

  3. I don't know why they didn't just ignore Cadian and bypass it by going through Belgium instead. The Imperium would never see that one coming...!

  4. Girls is blouses, boys in armour. I imagine a strongly worded letter written by said girls to the Imperium Equal Rights Board of Equalisation and other things Equal could be forthcoming.


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