Saturday, 11 March 2017

591 - Sorting Stuff Out (3) Flames of War!

Hullo All,

Time for another blast from the past...and the future! In this case, back to Flames of War, for a farewell re-familiarisation before the launch of Fourth Edition!

The rather splendid and entirely patient 'CM' hosted me at DarkStar in Plymouth for a Late-War 1515pt game. I took these fellows:

[Well, that's most of them!]
...and CM had some Fallschirmjager. Very similar forces, in fact, but I was rather wary of her Nebelwerfen and trio of StuGs. 
My right flank - 4,2" Mortars, 3Pl,
Carrier Patrol and Shermans
My centre - 25pdr Battery and 6pdrs
My left - 1Pl, 2Pl, 3" Mortars,
Shermans and (at the top) my S-P Bofors.
The Bofors, by the way, were SUPERB!
We played 'Meeting Engagement' by virtue of it being the most straightforward mission, but we still only got (I think) four whole turns.

The light had broken above our table, so it was pretty gloomy (and hard to discern one 15mm unit from another at times) but still, CM's table (she made the cloth herself!) really helped to make it all look very pretty. One forgets just how cool our toys can look at 15mm!
A blurry shot of the gloomy table; maybe
taken from my Auster AOP! Gorgeous table.
The verdict?

- Well, bring on 4th Edition. I'd forgotten just how frustratingly ponderous and turgid Flames of War (3rd) can be - doubly so when you're three-and-a-half-years rusty. I really, honestly struggled to enjoy it, despite CM's best efforts and the fact that - technically - I 'won'. 
My two Shermans and a Firefly finish off the
scary StuGs (top; overturned)...
...And then turned and blatted the two 8-Rads to smithereens too.
Version 4, however, genuinely looks like a far slicker operation, and I'm looking forward to both securing my free new rulebooks (who doesn't love Battlefront's awesome approach to customer service, eh?!) and giving it a whirl.  

...and then, at some point, there's always the Battlegroup rules set at 15mm too, of course!

- Drax.


  1. Yeah, the prospect of having to shift dug in veteran infantry makes me not want to play at all. Here's to hoping new version will breath life back into FoW for me as right now I'm close to selling my whole army.

    1. I've heard nothing but good things about it so far...

  2. If you've got clunky rules, why not play a smaller game ?

    Of course, it's me. I don't actually believe that but felt compelled to say something sensible. For a change.

    1. Ha!

      Yes - I think my first games with v4 will indeed be smaller, but we both happened to have 1515pt forces set for an in-store league.


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