Wednesday, 22 March 2017

592 - Smashing Bolt Action Game Vs Russians

Hullo, All!

Work's been busy recently (hell - I've still got an entire bloomin' tournament to update you with!) but I've an easy day tomorrow, Robot Wars is on iplayer, and not too much washing-up to here, with no energy for the details, are some very pretty pics from a recent meet-up game against a lovely chap in my home town, Portsmouth.

Venue: Fistful of Dice, Southsea, Portmouth.
Forces: Sam, with his gorgeous and characterful Late-War Russians, versus my 11th Armoured Division, 4 KSLI
Points: 750
Mission: Hold Until Relieved (ugh!)
Attacker: Russians
Result: a marvellously fought draw! :)

Sam was an absolute gent to play against, and the venue was ace!

Anyway - no more words; just prettiness!

- Drax


  1. Another great looking game Drax

  2. Good to see evidence that I am not the only one who rolls like that!

  3. I like the use of the carpeting samples for farmers fields!

    1. They're great, aren't they? I was very impressed. I've done the same myself before, for 15mm terrain with narrower lines of brown carpet with a little flocking along the top.

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers, Chico!

      It did look good (Bolt Action pretty much always looks good!) and it was certainly fun to play!

  5. Good stuff. Hold until relieved is a pain in the rump as defender for sure. Lots of going "down".

    Looking forward to seeing that tourney report mate.

    1. Harrumph.

      Yup - it's a bugger. Didn't realise that the defenders don't get hidden set-up, yet the attackers do! What the--?!

  6. Fantastic! That ploughed field looked as though it saw plenty of fighting.

  7. Ha! Yes - it was enjoyably brutal! Cheers.


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