Friday, 14 April 2017

594 - A Rather Splendid Game of Bolt Action

Hullo, All.
On the last day of March, I managed to make it to the club in Torbay again, and this time I got to play - much to my surprise - against a chap who happens to edit a certain high-profile wargaming magazine... I won't go into too many details about the game, but it was an absolute corker, and I even managed to get some decent photos for a change! 

My opponent was the very best kind of foe - pleasant, sporting and engaged - and even though his lovely Germans were given a sound thrashing by my brave boys of 4KSLI, he bore it admirably well. Of course.

The game was 'No-Man's Land' I think - or whichever one is a meeting engagement where both sides get a preliminary bombardment. 850 points. 
A lovely table to scrap over!
Naturally, my prelim bombardment didn't come in.
Naturally, the German one did, pinning almost everyone
and killing the sniper's spotter. Drat!
I took my normal platoon but with the 2" mortar substituted for the way more useful 3", and they were supported by a Cromwell and the ever-gorgeous Staghound.
For their part the Germans had (I think) 4 smallish squads (some of which may have been veterans), a StuG and PaK-40.  
 Here, then, are some pics of the battle: 
The German HQ unit directs things well... their troops move up...
...and their 'borrowed' truck drops off the PaK-40. *gulp!*
The German left flank as the StuG arrives from reserve.
StuG didn't choose Thug Life.
Can you guess where the British sniper might be? 
Centre. My Cromwell took out the PaK-40 before being StuGGed.
My left. The Staghound arrived from reserve to help out...
...but struggles to finish off the advancing German squad. 
Eventually, I assaulted them to stabby death. 
By this point, we knew the game was up for the Germans, so
my Staghound 'bravely' emerged to face the StuG. No luck.
End game. A general advance to mop-up the remaining Germans.
This thing was a constant pain. I would've swamped it in the end,
mind: it was almost out of infantry support.
So that was my surprisingly photogenic game against a new and very pleasant opponent. Here's to more, eh?!

Thanks, All,

- D.

PS: You know what did nothing useful at all? - my 3" mortar. 
Know why? - because I still haven't actually painted the wretched thing! 


  1. But once you do, it will suffer shiny model syndrome and do nothing either! Great photos

  2. Once again a good looking game :)

    1. I have my opponent and the club to thank for that...

  3. Nice report, a splendid game on a splendid terrain!

  4. Congrats on a hard won win!

    Table looked great too.

    Stopped taking a mortar myself - bloody things never drop on anything!

    1. I've always had fairly​ good luck with them! Not this time, apparently...

  5. Very nice report. I think I've got that exact same church, right down to the built-in snipers' nest.

    1. It's a little out of scale, really, but characterful!




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