Saturday 10 June 2017

600! Six Hundredth Blog Post! Huzzah!

Hullo, Fair Readers!

Well, I've been blogging about my hobby now for over nine years, and it's come a long way.

Nine years.

Since discovering Bolt Action (and finding some local-ish gaming clubs!) I'm gaming far more than ever now, but with the arrival of children and more facebook-based hobby-tracking, I'm blogging less often. So it goes.
A pic from our local walk, last weekend. Because I love my girls,
and we couldn't hobby without the support of our loved ones, right?!
Anyway, I shall keep this uncharacteristically simple, and focus on two key elements of my hobby these days: Bolt Action and the good 'ol Draxian Painting Chart - together at last!

Firstly, my Number One force, 4 King's Shropshire Light Infantry (with attachments) from the British 11th Armoured Division in Northern Europe, 1944:
Next, my complicated and disparate new German forces - a 'Blitzkrieg'/Op Sealion occupation platoon AND my late-war platoons:
And finally, my entirely loved (but not often used due to the variety of local foes) British North Africa Desert Rats Sikh platoon:
And there we have it.

What does the future hold for Drax?


...I've  a LOT of Germans to get on with, a fair bit to finish up for my Brits, and a burning desire to try out some different WW2 game rules with my various 28mm and 15mm troops.

Also, hopefully, a bit more narrative X-Wing over the summer.

And possibly even some D&D 3.5...

For now though, cheerio - and thank you, readers new and old, for joining me from time to time on this journey!

Yours aye,

- Chris.


  1. Congrats Admiral, shame your Guard won't get an outing for 8th Edn, but good all the same as you seem to be enjoying Bolt Action!

    1. Ha! With luck, I shall have a visit to the Cadians over the Summer if I can get to Devos IV...

  2. 600 posts ! Kool beans Admiral.

  3. An outstanding achievement Sir! Put yourself forward for a big shiny medal! ;-)

    Col. Corbane (Retired)

    1. Ta muchly, mate!

      Adm. Drax (late of 2/24th Cadian)

  4. Wow mate. So much blogging goodness. Well done.

    1. Thank you, Colonel!

      It's been emotional...


  5. Hearty congratulations! Here's to 600 more, eh?

    1. Ha!


      At my established pace, I'll be 45 by that point!

  6. Bravo matey - 600 posts of awesomeness at that.

    Hope you find the energy and time to keep your blog at least somewhat updated regularly.

    1. Here's to roughly one per week, eh?!

      Thanks, mate!

    2. One a week is doable for sure.

      (Says the man who's not posted in... a month or so.)


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