Monday, 13 November 2017

610 - The Chaplain

Hullo, All.

Just a quickie today - aptly enough, just after Remembrance Sunday - I've made a chaplain to look after the spiritual needs of 4KSLI.

Having read surprisingly often about the astonishing everyday bravery of the chaplains who went into war, I was pretty keen one day to have a model in their honour, and since finding new rules for them earlier this year with the release of the 'Battle of the Bulge' campaign book, I knew I had to make one.
(He now has sleeve insignia)

Rather obviously he's made from a plastic British Tommy with a twisted wrist, a paper dog-collar and a paper sacramental scarf-thing. I'm pleased with this one.

Essentially (rules-wise) he can remove a pin each turn from a nearby unit on a lucky roll...but I've given him a medical kit too, so if all else fails he can be a more characterful medic!

Stay safe; We Will Remember Them.

- D.


  1. Lovely work! A very characterful conversion, beautifully executed!

  2. That came out great! Very well done. He looks like a museum quality diorama piece as opposed to a playing piece, and I mean that as one heck of a compliment.

  3. A nice conversion, and very fitting as you say.

    1. Thanks, Scipio!

      It's no coincidence that our red-headed daughter whose birthday is at the start of November is called Poppy...

  4. How did i miss this one?

    Fantastic mini in a very believable pose.

    I plan to have one in my Canadians for my Dieppe Landing force.

    1. Thanks, mate.

      Something tells me that the Dieppe setting would keep a man of God quite, er, busy...


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