Sunday, 15 July 2018

652 - Recent Scenery Builds

Hullo All,

I just thought I'd share some of the scenery kits I've put together recently for a friend. Blogger is being weird, so in no particular order...:
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Gates of Antares stuff - Sarissa. Grey rattle can.
The pic above is the finished article, less the
acrylic gems/windows which I've left off for now.
4-Ground 15mm desert dwelling.
Surprisingly badly engineered kit.
Sarissa ghost town abandoned warehouse.
Here I've trialled a 4-colour approach, with
bare MDF, hand-painted roofing and
rattlecan internal/external wall siding.
Sarissa artillery bunker. Great design, but
designed for the inside layers to be flexible cardboard.
Instead, they were inflexible MDF,
so it took quite some fitting!
I built the 3 similar small, hexagonal
bunkers from the same Sariassa range
at the same time. They did indeed have
cardboard inside, and they were superb!
A third 4-Ground 'shotgun house'.
Beautiful kits.
4-ground 15mm hotel complex. Wow.
This kit is HUGE (like, 11x8" spread!)
and was a genuine joy to assemble!
Here you can see the warehouse WiP,
with the different internal and external
rattlecan colours...before the roof was painted.
There's plenty more to come yet...not least because my painting desk lamp died, so I can't do any painting at the mo! 

- Drax


  1. That GoA thingy looks like it would make a kool engine nozzle. And those arty bunkers look nice, are they iggy compatible ?

    1. Entirely - as are the wee ones. They look brilliant!

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, it's a beaut.

      I was full of trepidation upon unboxing it - there are something like 3000 separate MDF struts, it seems - but it went together incredibly well.

      Mind you, I use superglue, and it took me over seven hours - I'd hate to try to do it with PVA!

  3. Lovely buildings, the first one is very impressive!

    1. Thanks, Phil - that first one certainly IS impressive. It comes apart into both quarters and different 'layers' but I'm glad it's not me who has to store it - it's vast!

  4. All looks rather fab indeed mate. Some tables are getting quite the treatment soon

    1. Never mine, though. As I live so far out in the sticks, I've now forsaken collecting my own scenery!

    2. Not just that, but surely your available space to store any scenery is limited at best? Better to just allow others to provide. It also means you can concentrate on collecting more armies! :)


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