Tuesday, 2 April 2019

677 - 'Cruel Seas' Mast Storage Conversion

Evening All,

Just another quick update: I've solved the problem of stowing flimsy white metal masts for 'Cruel Seas' vessels, with help from my brand new brace of Fairmile D 'Dog Boats' (from Warlord Games):

As the mast slots snugly into a hole amidships, I've simply carved a recess into the base of the resin hull into which the mast may be placed. A simple length of tape (plastic tape here, but long-term, masking tape is more likely) then keeps the mast in place. 

Happy days.

And what will I do when I've got flags and pennants etc. Added to the mast? - Well, who knows? Maybe I'll just carve space for them too, eh?

Oh, and I also got a wee shout-out on the WS&S blog, here (link).

More ship goodness soon, I expect... 

...but fear not, Gentle Reader: I promise you I'll be back to 28mm again before too long!


- Drax.


  1. Clever idea!

    Would be sad like my Dark Ages spearmen bendy poles otherwise... :(

    1. Exactly!

      Mind you, the SAGA Anglo-Dane warband I bought second-hand recently have brass rod spears: super straight, sure...but also super damned pointy! Ouch!


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