Sunday, 24 March 2019

676 - First 'Hail Caesar' Vikings Finished

Evening, All!

Yup: I've finished the first sixteen of my Hail Caesar Vikings:
(Here, their final wash is still drying)
The models were a pain to clean and build (loads of mould lines and awkward arm angles) but joyously straightforward to paint: I just need more of these earthy colours now!

Next up, more Cruel Seas toys...


- Drax.


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    1. Thanks, Ray! Didn't quite realise just how dark the pic looks...

  2. I should've mentioned that I'm going to add grass to all of the Vikings' bases en masse once I've finished more of them.

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    1. Ha! The guy front left with the red spear (of course!)

  4. Those plastic kits are pretty good and you've done a lovely job on them mate.

    Have the "Dark Ages Warriors" ones for my Saxon low-level warriors and they were nice sculpts too, good for any regular Dark Ages blokes and Levy.

    How big an army are you planning for?

    1. Cheers!

      I was given a box of 32 Hird and one of 32 others(?)... so 64, I guess!

      I also recently bought a second-hand Saga Anglo-Dane warband, so...y'know!


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