Wednesday, 14 January 2009

078 Ten Thousand Visits!


I just logged on to note that 10000 visits to Drax have been clocked up, so thanks for your patronage and please call again!

- Drax

PS: The pic is OC 2Platoon with After The War.


  1. Putting the royal puppy to the sword, huh. Nice little meal in celebration. Congrates keep up the good work

  2. Well that's a horrid comment. ;)

    Congrats on milestone. I'm happy to have contributed, and look forwards to continuing to do so.

  3. Is it a dog or a baby polar bear? Congrats on the 10K drax.

  4. Yes, great work on the 10k mark! How did you find it that out by the way?

    Anyway, it's very well deserved mate and a recognition of the quality stuff you put up here!

  5. Good stuff mate! That's a whole lot of eyes. I look forward to my continued viewing in the future

  6. Wow, toutes mes félicitations !

    Gratz to you and thank you for sharing with us all your passionate posting :)

  7. Thank you, thank you, merci, and thank you.

    @ eriochrome: you made my wife sad (and the dog cower)!

    @ Matt: I wish he was a polar bear. As it is, he's a stumpy little corgi. Not very fearsome...but very smart, and very loyal!

    @ sovietspace: scroll right down to the bottom, and with my pseudo-legal stuff you'll see a red 'statcounter'. It's handy, free, very quick to set up and hasn't bugged me once. Just click on it, or on a similar one on other sites/blogs.

    Cheers, all.

    - D.


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