Saturday, 17 January 2009

080 Wyvern Progress With Magnets

This is my first proper attempt to use magnets: apparently it's been a success!

Quickly then, here's the Wyvern as she is now - not much change as I've been concentrating on other things, but the flash in the pics from before showed me that I needed to paint the Dark Angels Green on a little more evenly, so I've given her another (slightly thinned) coat:
And I've made the grenade launchers detachable:
Here you can see the detail of this - these magnets are so damned strong! The grenade launchers (converted from the ball-mounted lasguns) had the ball mounts cut off and a pin inserted about 4mm in. This is plenty enough metal to keep them well and truly stuck to the magnets.
If you're wondering about the red stuff, it's because I paint the north pole of each magnet red to limit the chance of magnet-to-magnet confusion.
So there you go: happy Drax!

Plus, Mike the Merciless called yesterday: he's driving down for a visit and a game - yay!

- Drax


  1. nice work squire!

    may I enquire as to where you acquired said magnets from?

  2. I've always wondered about using magnets for my Tau, so that i can select different weapon mounts. Did you find them hard to work with? I always worry about things like getting glue on them etc - Did you find that superglue worked well with them (or did you use something else). Would they be easy to mount (for example) inside an arm?

  3. Thanks!

    Fairly sure I got the magnets from ebay, but that was years ago. They're impossibly powerful and have magnetised everything metaillic with which they've come into contact.

    Others in this blog group have used magnets for arms - sadly I can;t remember who, now, but they might identify themselves here... My magnets are too big, and Guard joints too small for me to have done it. I originally bought them for my (now sold) marine dreadnought's arms.

    They were dead easy for me to work with, but I imagine it's trickier if you're drilling holes for them.

    As for glue? I use superglue for EVERYTHING (except CoD ruins) and it worked fine, though I gave it more time to 'go-off' than I usually would.

    I'm quite chuffed with the results though!


    - Drax.

  4. Looking good, Drax! It's a pretty cool looking support vehicle. Fitting. Well-done.

  5. Making the launchers from the ball-mounted lasguns is a great idea- nice work!

    I've thought about using magnets myself, but haven't done the research on them. Do you know what size they are?

  6. Awesome tank, I'm still in awe every time I see it.
    Magnet work has become the new thing apparently as we're all doing it.
    I get rare earth magnets from....
    they are great and they have good descriptions and pics of all the magnet sizes so you can choose what would be best for you.


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