Friday, 9 January 2009

076 Points Mean Prizes

Greetings, Fellow Humans!

I hope to post a couple of things up this weekend, but before I paint stuff and think about stuff, I thought I'd note a good idea I'm going to steal from Juahn F'Rann over at The Star Vagabonds (he got it first, I believe, from 'Lone Pilgrim'): awarding myself points for finishing miniatures.

For the sake of clarity, 'finishing' will mean varnished and based, although in the wake of recent varnishing debacles I might waive that point at times. The tweak I'll be making to Juann F'Rann's version though, is that I shall allow myself £1 for each point I accumulate to spend on stuff come the new codex. Here's the idea for points:

- Infantry miniatures on standard round bases - 1 point
- complex infantry or equipment, bikes, horses etc. - 2 points
- individual minis (e.g. characters) and easy scenery- 5 points

- Walkers and medium-sized scenery - 10 points
- Tanks* and CoD ruins - 20 points
- FW Baneblade 'Zarathustra' - 30 points

I'm in a nice position here: I believe I've bought just one model in the last year, and that's the chimera used in my ongoing Wyvern conversion. Either way, I've spent next-to-nothing on the hobby apart from a Games Day '08 ticket and modelling supplies. Money's always a little tight, but having 'finished' collecting my Cadians almost two years ago now, I've hardly bought a thing, so I'm looking forward to a new Codex, cool new models and doubtless a force re-organisation of the Cadian 24th.

In other words, I'll have salved my conscience enough to justify buying plastic valkyries!

I'll ensure I tally the points somehow in a sidebar. If anyone can think of a nice visual for this, do please let me know!

- Drax.

* Ubique doesn't count, as I technically 'finished' her (first time around!) last year!


  1. That's a clever system. I may have to give it a go myself.

  2. clever idea.

    think I'll suggest it to my fiancee and see if I can convince her to front the money.

    - Cadian 127th


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