Friday 30 October 2009

168 3 Platoon, 2 Section Finished (with freehand)


Well, that's another squad ticked off thanks to TOEMP (see right) - although I've forgotten exactly which TOEMP challenge they were meant to be for now... Ladies and Gents, allow me to present to you the underwhelming and poorly lit 3 Platoon, 2 Section:
Yup - that's it. Here's a pic taken with the camera's flash (note the freehand regimental numbers (24) and aquilas, as noted in my previous post); I decided to keep the weird design on the meltagunner's shoulder:
Here's a detail shot, and in it you can see the squad ID flash on the rear of the base (these are a tremendous help on the 'battlefield') as well as the old varnish on the sergeant and vox (they were both previously in other platoons):
By the way...
I have now officially had enough of Purity Seal, to the point whereby I scarcely varnish anything plastic any more. I've heard great things, though, about Testor's Dullcoat. Anyone care to comment? I know I've moaned before about wanting all my guardsmen to look the same, but that time has passed, not least because of my recent freehanding...

- Drax.


  1. Great work as usual, Drax.

    As for Testor's Dullcoat - it's the sealer I use on my models and, for the most part, it's served me well. On the few occasions where I've gotten some frosting on my models, the fault was all mine (e.g., I held the can too close, the weather outside was less than amenable to spray coating, etc.).

    Depending on your patience, I've also found success brushing on Delta Ceramcoat Matte Varnish.

  2. Blooming fantastic my old chum! Really love the freehand. What a squad!

  3. Awesome freehand work, Drax! I'm very, very impressed - if you hadn't told us they were freehand I would have thought they were transfers, they're all so crisp. Bravo!


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