Saturday, 21 November 2009

173 Post-Baby Update

Hi, all,

I'm not a big fan of posts which start by apologising for absence or a lack of news, so I won't, but I've been experimenting and thinking of late, and here are my two main realisations:

1) I can just about sit comfortably and paint with baby Hazel in a sling around my neck, and
2) If I can focus, concentrate and access enough spare time (and wakefulness!) I should(!) be able to get the last of my infantry company finished by the end of the Christmas holidays.

Well, it's something nice to aim for, anyway. After all, Suneokun has finished his!

Take care, all,

- Drax.


  1. Well, the babies can be a detriment to the modeling and painting, but they generally worth it. As for apologetic blog posts, I think of it more as an update for us concerned friends. We like to hear you and the family are doing well, even if you aren't getting my GW stuff done.

  2. The above was so full of typos that I'll just apologize and assure you that I won't comment before fully awake in the future!

  3. LOL - Good to hear you've surviving.

    It does get easier mate. You'll find a routine that works.

  4. I think there's nothing wrong with updating folks that something got your time, especially if it's worthwhile (IE: Baby).

    I did much the same earlier this month when Grad School attacked; I usually post a little more and having to do a group 35 page paper (and having your work at the rear end of the project...) eats time.

    At least you're learning to manage it; it'll come in time.

  5. Remember that after a few more weeks, Baby Drax will get more of a routine and you'll suddenly find all these evenings that you HAVE to stay in ... perfect painting time.

    In addition, when your littlun is 2 (like mine) she'll love playing with daddy's little men.

    Keep you chin up Champ, and you too can finish your army before your child starts primary school!

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