Saturday, 17 April 2010

195 It's the Final Countdown...

Thanks for staying with me, faithful readers. Posts are slow because progress is slow, and hey - this is a progress blog!

This, then, is a run down of every work-in-progress which lies between me and the effective completion of my Imperial Guard (see my previous post for details). Most of these models have been mentioned in posts before, too.

These are in order of when I grabbed them - some are quite nice minis, but none are very well painted yet and ALL are works-in-progress! [NB: the strange furry background will be explained at the end.]

First up, my last remaining Leman Russ. It's had a converted annihilator turret for a couple of years, but I recently cobbled together the following vanquisher turret, just to see how it looked:
Next, my last remaining sentinel, Charity. Nothing really of interest here:
A commissar - an old ebay win who I've been sprucing up (his axe and hat were - bizarrely - blue):
Another commissar - this chap's all in black and his longcoat is going to be pretty shiny. If you haven't already worked it out, I'm really not taking all of these that seriously:
My artillery spotter. I'm loathe to call him a 'Master of Ordnance' as the model's so ropey, but it's a relatively old conversion now, going right back to the first of the plastic Cadian kits. Hey, I had to find something for the model to do, right?
Nork Deddog. Old-skool ogryn converted so that he's saluting with the 'wrong' hand - I really liked that idea, taken from the short story in the old Guard Codex:
My mortars. These are literally the last models of my infantry company, and in honesty I can scarcely be bothered to put brush to model. Rats. Still, there's not too far to go with them:
Finally, my FW Baneblade. More progress on this is the last seven weeks than in the previous seven years, but I'm still at a bit of an impasse. Still, I'm starting to enjoy the scheme:
And here's the reason for all that furriness. As soon as I threw the baby blanket down to use as a background, Cadfael the Wonder Corgi was onto it like a shot. For any of you who are relatively new to my readership, he also doubles as my Guard's regimental mascot:
Let's see now where progress will progress. I'm back at work from Monday, dagnammit.


- Drax.


  1. Arn't you going to be in trouble using the baby blanket for such things ?

    Love the baneblade.

  2. I've got the same crazy axe Commissar model. I think I might chop off the hand flamer and pin it to swap a Bolt Pistol, Bolter, or Storm Bolter.

    it's probably going to be primarily a Bolt pistol though.

    I like the Shark teeth on the sentinel. very nice.

  3. It must feel so good after so many years to be this close to completing your entire collection. Any ideas on where you're going to go next?

    I'm glad that the furry thing turned out to be your dog and not the usual inhabitant of the blanket ;)

  4. You put me to shame. I still haven't finished my Chaos marines, or my Orks, or my Guard, or my Titan or....

    Oh, hell to it.

  5. You're getting close, Drax. I'm really like the camo scheme of the Baneblade. Very cool.

  6. Not much to go mate, loving the Baneblade!

  7. Cheers, All!

    @Zzzzzz: Mrs. Drax is pretty good about these things, thankfully! (besides, I do all the laundry)

    @Farmpunk: I'll be keeping the flamer. Life's too short at the moment! There are better shark teeth on the second of the three sentinels

    @Soundwave: Cheers...and I suspect you may know where I'm going next.

    Thanks, guys...and the Baneblade cometh along slowly!

  8. Awesome stuff, Drax - I especially like the Ogryn saluting with the wrong hand, I know exactly the text you're referring to! The Baneblade is looking sharp as well, you're definitely in the home stretch with the army - keep up the great work!


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