Monday, 12 April 2010

194 Stay on Target...Stay on Target...

Hey, All!

As I said I would, I've been quiet of late for two reasons: (1) workload, and (2) trying to get lots of projects finished off before the group shot for post number 200.

Here are the LAST FIVE of my standard infantry guardsmen - something I never thought I'd say! Infantry-wise, all I have left now are my last three mortars, which are about 50% done, and although these five are nothing special, it's been a very slow slog to get them finished!
Here's a work-in-progress from earlier this evening, just so you can see how I'm working at the moment. Also, in this and the one above, you get a sneak at some other long-term works-in-progress that should be done in time for post 200:
And here's the painting chart - so close!
Cheers...and thanks for your patience. Watch this space.

- Drax.


  1. Wow! I'm all excited to see the massive group shot now!

    Also, I'm totally stealing the idea of permanently writing my painting steps on my painting board. I keep the notes in a notebook which I then have to find every time I sit down to paint. Keeping it on the mat is genius!

  2. You shame me.
    I still have a half completed Guard Army in a carrier bag under the stairs, J.

  3. Excellent -- the chart really shows how close you are getting now! Not long to go. It'll all be worth it!

  4. Looking good! You can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

  5. Fantastic Drax! You're in the home stretch now - I've been getting good use out of the painting chart idea, it's definitely helped me stay organized and get a good feel for what's left to be done on my own armies. Can't wait to see the whole 2/24th in their finished glory - Keep up the great work!

  6. Ooo oooo ooo ... I need to finish my Guard army first, I'll grab the paints!

  7. great work Drax, keep up the motivation for that last run which can often be the hardest!

    Any plans for whats coming next once you finish?

  8. Aaah, you're almost there! Keep it going!

  9. So close mate, what are you going to do once it's all done???

    PS - I like how orange is the 'new black' ;-)

  10. Your chart is a work of genius! I think that may be just what i need to keep me organised and focused.

  11. Thanks for the comments and support, everyone!

    @Cawshis: Cheers: I've written those little aides-memoires for both camo and optimum stages of painting.

    @John L: Keep 'em there! This is the product of nine years' [bitty] work!

    @Jabberjabber, Darkwing and Darksol: Thanks, not least for cheering me on!

    @Mordian and Blitzspear: Glad to be of use, guys. I find mine very very useful indeed. My only skill on MS Excel!

    And Corbane: you git! I spluttered out my cornflakes when the penny dropped on that one! Splendid gag, sir - splendid.

    @suneokun: no pressure, then - cheers, pal!


  12. Obviously that comment went a bit AWOL. I did mean to say I'm making plans for the future. Watch this space.


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