Monday 3 May 2010

196 Fighting Suneokun! (and I've done some painting)

Well, I've actually been busy since my last post - not only have I finished a few more models in my build-up to the near-mythical Post 200, I also had the singular pleasure of playing an ad hoc game against Suneokun from Pathfinder. I'll start with that...
[post-game image of a (slightly beaten-up) terrain centrepiece painted in the dim-and-distant past by Mrs. Drax]

If you follow the link to Pathfinder above (and please do!), you'll find his battle report in addition to a very gracious account of his visit. It really was a lovely evening, and Suneokun was a cracking chap to have around. Sadly, we took no photos of our game (I wasn't expecting to play) and - sadder still - I have very little functional memory, so if you're interested, please do explore his very readable account of our 1000pt clash.

Here's my lot the following day - it was actually 1010pts and please note that the chimera has the wrong turret:
It really was great fun to play against his tau, and I had unashamedly good luck throughout. Unit of the match? - my Penal Legion. Fantastic!

Now then, just to keep you updated, here are the models I've finished this week. Fistly, two more commissars:
Note the chap on the right has a deliberately shiny coat. As I said before, I'm letting myself prat around a little with the last few of my core miniatures!

Far more importantly, I finished the last of my sentinels, Charity. She's the sister of Faith and Hope,* and I plan to create a post about the whole squadron in a little while. She's the one on the right, with the heavy flamer:
Finally, and against the odds and my own disillusionment, I've made significant progress on my last mortars - the last of my infantry company:
When I've finished them, I'll have over 240 completely finished troops - about 170 of those will compose my core 'tactical' infantry company. Sheesh!

We're getting there...!

- Drax.

* Named after the three famous Gloster Gladiators from the defence of Malta in the 1940s.


  1. Nice to get a game in from the comfort of your own home.
    Good things come in threes!
    Reminds me I've got a squad of mortars waiting in the wing. I may try the half basing method too.

  2. Quite a glorious victory you had there! Must be that game breaking 10pts advantage you had ;) haha.

    You're really cracking on with your models, keep it up. The 3 sentinels look really great. I always find though that when you get to this stage it's really hard to get the last lot finished.

  3. It must have been a week for meeting fellow bloggers, I had the pleasure myself a few days ago!

    We really must try and arrange a meeting for all the FtW bloggers in England, that would be a good day out!

  4. Glad I inspired some workload ... nothing like your army handing out the pain to encourage you to finish them!

    The models are looking great ... I for one, am VERY EXCITED about Drax's next army (yes, there is a next one, I seen it, it exists)...

    Great to have a game fella, and meeting Kate and the littlun was a charm. Hopefully we can do it again sometime.

  5. Sentinel looks great! Is that freehand on the cockpit?

  6. Freaky parellel world. I spoke with John L on Friday. He was off to B&Q to buy carpet cleaner quickly before it burned down.

    I dropped in to see Soviet Space and stole one of his armies, managing 5 turns in three hours.

    And he tried to ruin my diet by leaving custard creams all over the place. Wot a rotter.

  7. @sovietspace - I think Corbane is in the process of trying to organise something?

    I'd laugh if Drax's new army is the same as my one :P

  8. Thanks, Chaps!

    @Kevin: For the love of all that is good in the world, do not try the half-basing. I dislike it, and (because I'm daft and used plasticard) they're really flimsy.

    @Soundwave: Cheers, and I think you'll like the look of the new lot...

    @sovietspace: I like your thinking. I wonder if Corbane is working on it...

    @suneokun: Let's hope so!

    @Simon: The teeth design? Yeah: it goes L-R in order of completion. You'll note the left-hand one is really blocky and basic!

    @Zzzzzz: Tell me about it. Suneokun made me eat saveloy and chip butties, much against my wishes!

  9. Slowly getting there mate, can't wait for the big 200!

    The commissars are looking nice, as are the sentinels. The freehand looks good, any chance of a close up?

  10. Hot damn. Must be pure pleasure to look over and see that many minis painted and ready for combat! Can't wait to see the parade pictures with them all done!

  11. Thanks.

    Corbane: I'll try to remember a close-up on the nose art for my next post; otherwise it'll be when I do a sentinel-specific post (after Post 200).

    Cawshis: Thanks, and yes, yes it is. The funnier aspects for me are that (a) I don't really like painting that much; (b) some of the earlier ones (from 7 years ago) are pretty ropey - especially their flesh tones; (c) I can now simply write an army list and know it'll all be painted(!) and (d) I hardly ever actually play.

    Oh the bitter irony. Even more reason to thank Suneokun.

  12. How come you don't get to play that often? Is it due to family/work responsibilities, or the lack of a decent gaming club in your area? The last few years, while at Uni, I've had about 25 games a year - not sure if that's alot or not, but I'm guessing it is by your standards!

  13. All of the above, really.

    I'm a closet geek, and far away from my other closet geek friends (they're all in the East).

    There is a club nearby, which meets on a Thursday, but it's a good 20 minute drive away, and I'm a little scared of what I'll find there...though the chap who runs it is nice.

    Of course, up until 6 months ago I didn't drive, having always been a city boy, so that narrowed my chances. It doesn't help that I really don't want any of the kids at school to find out, so I don't like to do anything within the catchment area. Being rural, that's about 20 miles wide!

    It's sod's law that I wait until I live in the middle of nowhere before I start to edge out of the (gaming) closet.

    You may enjoy a further elaboration here:

    - D.

  14. That was an entertaining read! Its actually quite strange too, because I was thinking about some of those things recently. I've been quite open about my geekery, but now that I'm due to go off into the big bad world of employment (or possibly postgrad) I've had similar concerns.

    I'm in the middle of a placement at a local college, and you just get thoughts like "What if they knew?!"

    Also, I'm at that stage where I'm not sure how much my Uni friends know about my geekery. I've never made efforts to hide it, but you do wonder, especially after three years....

    It begs the question - how much does anyone know about anyone else? And then the paranoia sets in :P


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