Monday, 17 May 2010

197 Mortars (and infantry company) FINISHED!

Yup - I've done. I'm actually finished.

All of my basic infantry models are now finished and I am officially in the 'mopping-up' stage of my sprawling old Imperial Guard army. All that remains now is a few odds and ends.

Right, there's no need to prattle on about them - I did them, they have the half-base-experiment-thing which was an absolute pig to do (and not recommended), and I took very little time over the painting. C'est tout.
Look out for the tiny scrap of transfer/decal paper which found its way onto the models for the photo shoot:
There are two more posts before the big Post 200 Group Shot, and I'll try to get more finished for that, but just to keep you with me, here's what I knocked together yesterday...
Wow. 'Finishing' is an incredible feeling.

- Drax.


  1. Excellent work once again sir. The half and half base is certainly a novel idea, but I can see where it would become quite the bear to tackle. Pig vs bear for tackling... a difference between the shores of the pond?

  2. Congrats on finishing an entire company... that's quite an accomplishment!

    Your bases, as always, look stellar. I really like the rubble/road look you have going on these guys. Looking forward to the massive group shot. I guess now's the time you start work on the 2nd company, right?

    Congrats again!

  3. Congratulations on getting the Company finished, it must've been a Herculean task, but one you've pulled off admirably.

    The new Mortars are very nice looking, one of my favourite things about the Guard book, and those bases are worth all the effort you put into them.

    Looking forward to seeing how the Hydra goes!

  4. Congratulations! That's a huge amount of modelling to have finished, especially to this quality, I hope you've got a great sense of achievement!

  5. Ooh! Is that turret built from the heavy weapon base that comes with the planet strike weaponry?

    I never thought of that...

  6. Amazing stuff, Drax. You have one of the most cohesive IG armies I've seen. Can't wait for the group photo.

    Cheers mate!

  7. Well done! They look great, love those mortar bases!

  8. Great looking mortar squad. I've always feel a slave to making the crews actually looking like they're working their weapon. I'm especially fond of the middle team here. Great pose. Even though you are not fond of the half-base technique, the bases on all of them are stellar.

    Great start on the Hydra. I'll be watching this one closely, as I've just acquired the Aegis box for such a try. Are you using ink reservoir tubes from a ball point pen to extend the barrels?

  9. The bases look great, even if they were a pain to do. Congrats on finishing the company!


  10. Looks great as usual!

    Keep up the good work dudez!


  11. Thanks, All!

    Max: I'll ask the American Mrs. Drax what she says.

    39999: Cheers, and no bloody fear! Under the old codex I had a rifle company and a support company (check out Post 100) but those days are gone. I miss it, but now I've fewer models to plough through!

    Vredesbyrd: Thanks! Should I style myself 'Admirable' Drax then?

    Frag_Dad: Thanks, and yes. Yes I do. Mrs. Drax is showing willing to share it with me but doesn't fully understand.

    Da Masta Cheef: yup! I've been wondering if I could...

    Hessler: a grand compliment. Thanks.

    sonsoftaurus: Cheers - I'm glad one of us does!

    t'other Kevin: Thank you. And yes, you're right. Bic Crystal Mediums - I left the bits in shot. Internet points go to you!

    Simon: thanks.

  12. Looks like everyone beat me to it already, but I wanted to add my congrats to the list as well. It is a blummin beautiful job you've completed there! You must be really happy!! Cheers!

  13. Congrats Drax - I'm very eagerly awaiting what will be one of the biggest group photo's ever.

  14. looks great, Drax. Looking forward to post 200!

  15. Bravo, Drax - you give those of us with massive unpainted armies hope that they too may one day reach completion! Gotta say I really like the mortars, they're great little vignettes. Keep up the great work!

  16. My plan for the next bunch (cribbed from elsewhere on the web) is to fix weapons to bases and leave circular holes. So that a squad can have a Sgt and Nine and if needed, two of the nine can sit in a HW base.

    Congrats on the team Admiral, they look good. The 'ruined road' bases are very effective.


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