Monday 31 May 2010

199 Hydra from Aegis Conversion Details


That means I've a week off and - hopefully - some fine weather in which to take photos of my army for 'Post 200'.

In the meantime (and somewhat anticlimactically) here are my notes and annotations for converting the Aegis defence line autocannon into a relatively convincing Hydra. I'll mostly let the pictures do the talking.

First, pre-planning in my Fifth Book of Arcane Scribblings. Some of you have seen this before: it's the exercise book into which I vomit all my hobby thoughts by candlelight late at night as Mrs. Drax dozes next to me. Bizarrely, these particular pages read anti-clockwise [ignore the stuff top-left!]:
Now all the constituent parts:
And the end product - albeit still not quite finished (I've not had the energy to paint of late):
See y'all next post!

- Drax.


  1. Probably the best Hydra from Aegis conversion I've seen. Really appreciate the 360 degree close ups views.

  2. Such a good conversion. I'm almost ruing the £140+ I spent on 3x Forgeworld Hyrdas. Almost :P

  3. I like that much better than a lot of the flak cannon conversions. I think I like this better than SandWyrm's Russian-inspired Hydra conversion

  4. Definitely the best conversion I've come across so far! My hat is off to you good sir!

  5. awesome conversion. Best one I've seen so far. Will Probably give this a try instead of buying a hydra from Forgeworld (looks just as good, and for less). Just a quick question, the turret mount is just the mount for the quad gun as it is in the kit, isn't it?

  6. Thanks so much, Ghost21! I'm quite pleased with this one, and it really really was simple.

    It'd be even easier with store-bought plastic rod than the pen tubes I used, too.

    You're kind-of right about the mount - the gun itself is all from the aegis quad gun - but the other thing which makes this vehicle look a little different is that the chimera turret mount is converted so that it's further back along the hull.

    For details of this, check out:

    and the 'wyvern' label:

    This stuff is trickier, but if you've already got the chimera built you could always just whack a slab of plasticard over the hatch with a hole drilled through it...

    Let us know either way...

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