Saturday, 4 September 2010

225 A Great Selection of 40K Scenarios

Hi, All.

I had a great time at my first Games Club tournament (400pt Combat Patrol) last week: I took an infantry platoon, placed third and enjoyed myself thoroughly!

In this post, I'll include photos of the superb missions and a couple of the tables (each roughly 3'x4') as well as a couple of photos and notes from the games. Huge credit goes to a nice chap called Andy who not only penned the missions, but who also organised the tourney and was a cracking opponent for my first game.

NB: Sorry for the picture quality, but the club's in the extensive cellars of a pub, and the lighting's hard to counter.

I didn't play either of these two missions, but trust me, the city terrain looked far better in the flesh. Click on images to expand:

This one I did play, although my opponent was a little sketchy on some core rules...:
Rightly enough, I went nowhere near this little Khornate number:
...But this one (Ash Waste) was superb. Sadly I didn't get a close-up of the mission, but essentially it was Pitched Battle/Annihilation with four poisonous clouds which blew around (2d6 scatter) at the start of each player-turn, dealing out str4 hits to each model touched. I played a very dangerous game here, deploying a mass of infantry a few inches away...but the Emperor was smiling on me: I only lost 3 or 4 guardsmen (more on this later):
This was my last game of the evening; against mech guard, and the eventual winner. Not the most fun game, but at least I took it to a draw (not bad considering how easy a no-frills platoon commander is to kill:
Sadly I didn't get to play this one - it looks awesome(!):
'Tunnels' was my first game (against Andy) and it was absolutley superb! Tremendous in its simplicity - the nightfighting rules and the lack of sightlines meant that our two opposing infantry platoons ended up squabbling with bayonets on the central objective- Great fun!
Here's a post-game pic of Andy's Zombie Guard - great!
Sadly for the Blood Angels Chaplain-led jump-pack squad I was up against in 'Ash Wastes', the Emperor was not shining on them. I demolished them, but Jay (their general) was a proper good sport, and I really enjoyed the game. Here's the Chaplain getting [oh-so-slowly] bayonetted to death:
(Some of the Guardsmen are even facing the right way!)

I'll post the force I took in a new post soon...but I'm back at work now, so blogging will - predictably enough - slow down a bit again.

- Drax.


  1. Wow! I am really impressed. The scenarios seem like a lot of fun and having matching tables to go with them (like, tunnel, who makes tunnel tables!) blew my mind!

    Going to suggest these to the local patrol league, at least the scenarios.

    Congrats on the success too.

  2. I'm imagining your iggies bayoneting everything. Forget shootin', just stick it to them.

  3. Some excellent terrain there Drax! I also like the archeological dig scenario - a simple yet effective idea.

  4. It sounds like a fun night. I am however stuck on one point. You play in the extensive cellars of a Pub??? Who cares about the lighting I'd be blue-blind-paralytic drunk by the second or third game! Makes me wish I lived in your neck of the woods!

  5. Saved a copy of 'The Dream' scenario, that sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for posting these!

  6. What a great post! Wonderful scenarios. I loved the cave scenary - simple but effective.

  7. These look fun and a lot of effort by your Club author. Love the matching scenery - thanks for photographing the scenarios, we can then use them to spice up our games...

  8. Thanks, All!

    And I can't recommend the missions highly enough (I'm a big fan of combat patrol, but they'll mostly work well for full games too).

    @ Inner Geek:

    Alas, I have to drive there, so I don't partake. It's pretty cool though: the club's storeroom is through the beer cellar. The bits where we play are two large function rooms complete with darts, skittles, toilets and two bars(!)...all of which sounds quite grandiose, but it's a bit forlorn in a charming post-70s kind of a way.

    The best bit is they serve truly awesome burgers...great fun when it's my night out from an otherwise veggie household!

    Geek, you gotta visit us here in Blighty one day...


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