Thursday, 26 August 2010

224 Baneblade 'Zarathustra' Almost Finished

Evening, All!

Just thought I'd share with you the current state of my last project for the summer holidays before I go back to work: finishing off my venerable Forgeworld Baneblade Zarathustra...and I'm very nearly there!

Massive thanks go to Jeff over at Pirate Viking Painting for emailing me some very useful tips yesterday - some of which I've put into practice here. Although hardly any of it shows in the photos, she actually has a surprising amount of subtle detailing with rust and weathering now, which I'm pretty happy with. Cheers, Jeff! Seriously - check out his link, above.

Here are the pics - and yes, I've added an anti-aircraft autocannon onto a pintle mount. Why not, eh?
You may note that two of her track links are green. Apparently, when I assembled her from the godawful FW instructions seven years ago I put the tracks too far round. In order to remedy this, I did my first (basic) bit of press-moulding, making a mold out of Fimo modelling clay (it bakes to harden) and finding a surprising success in the resulting greenstuff impression:
And yes, that is what you think it is in the background. It's psyker time!


- Drax
PS: I may re-do the first half of the name plate: my fault for writing backwards from the central 'H'!


  1. Looks great as always Drax! I'm a fan of the pintle AA gun, it looks mean :P

    I'll be interested to see what you do with your psykers. I'd considered some House Delaque models for mine, but decided on something different in the end - I'll be keen to see your take on it though!

  2. Great work Drax! I like all the attention to detail in the cables, various metal bits and coloring. good work on the press mold too

  3. That's a fine looking baneblade you have there. The AAAC is a very nice touch indeed. It reminds me of the AA DSHK machine guns on russian tanks around the end of WW2.

  4. Agreed, I like the AA mounted AC as well! Odds of connecting with a strafing target are no better than a heavy stubber, but there's a much better chance of doing damage when it does connect!

    I like the overall paint scheme as well.

  5. Like everyone said, sweet stuff! I love AA mounts, I really should make myself a Hydra..

    Wow that's a retro box! I look forward to seeing your take on the spook squad.

  6. I agree with the folks above, the AA gun is quite nice. I think I'll be absconding with that idea sooner or later.

  7. Thanks, chaps!

    I have to say, it really does look better in the flesh.

    I'm grateful for the comments about the AA-AC in particular: I know a guardsman doesn't have an awful lot of chance of actually hitting something with it, but I like the range of an autocannon. And yes, the S7 doesn't hinder, either.

    As for the Delaque models? - Well, I've no idea what I'm going to do with them paint-wise: any thoughts gratefully received...

  8. Looking good fella - the details come across well. 7 years in the making is an awful long chunk!

  9. Ah, the big boy! It looks very impressive, can't wait till I finish mine.

  10. Admiral,
    As always, a superb effort. Great paint job, conversions and detailing.
    Can't wait to see the psyker battle squad!

  11. Best Superheavy name in history of Superheavies.

  12. Thanks for the recent comments, chaps!

    And yes, Andrew: the first time I play with it I fully intend to say 'Thus Spake Zarathustra' the first time that main gun fires.

    And then I shall die happy.

    - D.


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