Wednesday 15 February 2012

298 For Long-Time Readers: Drax Family Holiday

As I near my 300th post and get increasingly nostalgic, I thought I'd open up a little, especially for those readers who've been with me for a long time and those I've had personal dealings with. In case you're unaware, An old star of my blog is the Regimental Mascot, modelled by Mrs. Drax on our pet corgi, Cadfael.

At 15-and-a-half, Cadfael is now a rather venerable corgi, so when my dad won a small voucher for a holiday cottage, we decided to get away last weekend to Pembrokeshire in Wales - home of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and destination for the First Drax Family Holiday. It was cold, thoroughly enjoyable and fantastically dog-friendly (note the aged hound right up on the battlements!)

If you've read this far, thank you. Please share a glance through a few more pics, and I hope you enjoy the beauty of the castles, the countryside, the regal hound and my lovely girls. The first five are in the awesome 12th Century Pembroke Castle; the last in St David's.

Thanks - D.


  1. thanks- nice pics- especially those of the venerable gentleman Corgi.

  2. Beautiful pics, Drax - I'm really looking forward to visiting some places with actual real history in my upcoming own trip! Glad to see Cadfael again!

  3. fantastic pictures, brings back some great memories of my own!

  4. nice pics, and a particularly fine shot of the noble hound.

    what the heck is that sinage meant to denote though? "danger of headaches"?

  5. Thanks, All.

    The sign is a warning about low ceilings in spiral staircases - a beautifully rendered image too!

    Actually, this was just about as 'Health-and-Safety-conscious' as Wales got: basically they trusted you to explore the battlements safely and not kill yourself. And it worked, apparently.

  6. Excellent. Our old man dog is curled up at my feet. He's only grumpy when he'd awake.

  7. YAY! You should definitely include more Cadfael in the upcoming 100 posts of Drax - a sorely missed addition to the blog.

    Great to see the pics, and awesome to hear you had a good time. Wales really is lovely pretty much any time of year.

    Looking forward to that 300th post, hope you've got something nice planned ;)

  8. I gotta get me one of those signs for my windy stairs. Are you planning a virtual party for your 300th

  9. Ironically, I was in HaverfordWest yesterday. Flying visit to our customer (Pembrokeshire College), before a 4.5 drive back to Leicestershire. Urrgghh. Got to go back though, it is beautiful.

  10. The venerable Mr. Cadfael... that made me laugh. He should high enough in rank now that he does not have to take to the field unless it's for ceremony I would think.

    Ron, FTW

  11. Thanks, Chaps - kind words!

    Corgi's not taken to the playing table much of late, but that's mostly been for the sake of preservation as he still doesn't have a base (sorry, Ron!)

    However, I've dug him out, and I've dug out my only spare 40mm base, so I think it's going to happen pretty soon.

    I'm tempted to base him with his officer, but that model was painted years ago and consequently isn't awfully good. Or I could base him on his own. I thought about using one of the Cities of Death lamp posts, but the scale looks daft.

    Hmmm...maybe I'll paint up one of my spare officers, and base them together. Yes - maybe that's the best way forward...

  12. Oh, and expect a new whole army shot for the 300th. Unimaginative, maybe, but certainly needed!

  13. Of all the models to not have based... you should be ashamed.


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