Wednesday, 29 February 2012

300 Drax's Whole Army

Hullo! ...On the remains of this fine Leap Year Day, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me get to my 300th Post!
As promised, please find below a handful of the 120+ pics I took of my entire army last weekend at The Giant's Lair (my FLGS). It was a blast!

The whole lot:
Rifle company (front and rear):
Hardened veterans:
Armoured Fist platoon, with attached units:

...and some tanks:

More soon. Much, much more.

- Chris


PS: It's not atually my whole army: I forgot my HQ heavy weapons squads - a heavy bolter squad and a lascannon squad.


  1. Man, I love seeing full-army set-ups like this! Very nice looking, Drax. Also glad to see you getting use out of the "Self-build" model!

  2. Well done and congratulations on 300!

  3. An impressive collection indeed!

  4. I'm not sure you have enough models, you still seem to have living space at home!

  5. Holy moly! That's an awesome army. Great stuff!

  6. What a beautiful army mate. I would be insanely proud of owning that! Very impressive!!

  7. Liking the army shot. A very fine collection and lol at the extra note. Its always the way with such a large collection, someone is bound to go in hiding!
    Looking forward to more shots.

  8. Top quality army. More infantry needed maybe? :)

  9. Beautiful work sir! You must be so proud. Congrats -- jabberjabber.

  10. Such an awesome army buddy - good work!

  11. Congratulations on 300 posts. The army looks great, I can't see the Wyvern though :(

  12. Congratulations on 300 posts. The army looks great, but no Wyvern ? :(

  13. What a beautiful army! Nice to see it fully rolled out like this.

  14. Very cool. I wish I had the apoc blast template so I bomb those dudes back to the stone age, lol.

  15. Looks great, Drax! I'll also note that the camouflage on that Baneblade is perfect for that table.

  16. Wow - what a stunnign response! Thanks, everyone!

    >Ian: Crumbs - you remember the Self-Build, eh? Well spotted - thanks! He sees the table from time-to-time...

    >Jake: I live in a small cottage - there's a reason I had to go to the club for this!

    >Courtney: No(!)

    >Koloth: Wow! Another reader with a good memory! The Wyvern is at the back; back-left behind the Armoured Fist...but these days it tends to see the table as my converted hydra.

    >Darkwing: Yeah - I noticed that too! In fact, you can barely see it in some of the other pics. Just goes to show, eh?

    PS: For those readers unfamiliar with the above models, do please check out the 'wyvern' and 'hydra' tags on the right. The 'Self-Build' can be found here:


  17. Tis a mighty awesome sight Drax, a credit to your dedication to the Hobby.

  18. Congrats on the 300th post, and what a sight to see the (nearly) whole 2/24th Guard regiment.

    Awesome work sir, awesome work.

  19. Just when I thought I had a massive IG army goin on I see something like this. Congrats on the 300th post and congrats on the army - it is very impressive.

  20. Good stuff as ever: really impressive blog and equally impressive army! One day my motley band might get this big ... keep it up!

  21. That's an impressive force Sir.
    You still refuse to include the mascot don't you? What's it going to take? Do I need to make the base and send it to you for him already?

    Ron, FTW

  22. Thanks, Guys!

    >Col Scipio: I hope so, my friend, I hope so.

    >Ron: You do me an injustice, Sir!
    4th picture; plum centre; 40mm base right behind my objective marker: there he is - on his shiny new base with his old master, OC 2 Platoon.

    ...And Post 299 (qv) was dedicated solely to his new base. But I'm very grateful to you for the nagging over the last couple of years - otherwise it may never have happened!

    - Chris.


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