Friday, 27 July 2012

325 Flames of War - Smouldering Again

Thanks for your lovely comments recently folks!

Here's just some proof that I have not neglected my Flames of War toys. It's almost impossible to see or believe, but these are actually now base-coated:
They're the three 'freebies' from the old Open Fire set, and I hope to finish them within a week or so. I've also been working on finishing off my first rifle platoon. Same end point for that too I think...

- Drax.


  1. Good-o, Drax! Getting on with some historicals myself soon, looking forward to seeing these in full colour.

  2. I have an assembled 20mm Sherman that needs painting, amongst many other things. :)

  3. Thanks chaps. My Flames force (11th Armoured infantry company) is my summer focus. We'll see, eh?!


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