Thursday, 9 May 2013

357 Flames of War 6 Pounders


A first glance, for those of you who follow my Flames stuff, at my Late War British 6-Pounders:
Usual dodgy photography with flash and autocorrect. If the sun comes out over the weekend(!) I'll try to get some better pics, BUT REGARDLESS...

...I fully intend that my next project will be BACK TO 40K!


- D.


  1. Looks good.

    When you painted your mortars did you glue the mortars to the base first or paint them separately? I have a blister I need to paint once my paratroopers are finished.

  2. Very nice work, my dear Admiral. Looking forward to the return to 40K.

  3. Hey Drax, what kind of static grass are you using? I remember you were afraid earlier that it was too much of a rich, brilliant green, but the more I look at it, the more I think it's perfectly appropriately for summer grass...but most of the static grass I've found either is too dark or a light, spring green.

  4. @Dan - GF9 does a nice Summer grass mix, very affordable too.

    @Drax - very nice mate! This is one of my favourite units to use, especially using the Market Garden AT11 :) Plonk them in a camped infantry platoon and tanks fear you!

  5. Hi Chaps, and thanks.

    Cameron: because the 4.2" mortar model is so absurdly simple to paint, I stuck it on basecoated and then painted it in-situ - but I've sure as hell found my 6pdrs nd 25pdrs far more fiddly in that sense. Not the gun/base combo, per se so much as the fiddliness of getting the crew in place afterwards.

    Dan: it is a summer grass - god knows who by but all the summer grasses look the same to me. On my mortars it's mixed with either a spring or autumn mix in patches (on the advice of Ron 'From-the-Warp' Saikowski), but I didn't bother with it on these smaller bases.

    Oh, and now that South Devon has burst into GLORIOUS SUMMER, I am entirely reassured that the grass is indeed appropritely vibrant!

    Dai: Thanks for the tip, mate! I've still played only one game, 14 months ago, but now No.2 Daughter is 6 months I hope to start getting more games in.


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