Friday 31 May 2013

360 24th Cadian Liaison Detachment (pic-heavy)

At last - I've finished!

After months of prevarication, distraction and occasionally putting paint on things, I've finally finished my liaison squad for Zzzzzz. Plus I get to actually see Zzzzzz tomorrow, so this really is double-plus good.
As far as I'm concerned, these models don't really work cohesively as a 'squad', but individually I pretty much think they're great, and I'm pretty proud of both the conversion work and even the painting for once! They're certainly a damn-sight better than my own command squad (who look pretty crass and poorly done), so I suspect this is something I'll need to rectify in future. Either way, I like them and they;re going to a great the pics are for my future reference as much as your enjoyment!
[NB: If you're wondering about the occasional box, well, here's the story. The corgi I sculpted predates the sad demise of our real corgi, and my wife said she liked my model and would I please retain it. Not wanting to leave my standard-bearer with so stark a gap, I gave him an optional ammo box...or whatever it might be. Keep an eye out for the little additional detail on it, in honour of Cadfael...]


Take care, and thanks for the encouraging comments recently,

- Drax.


  1. Awesome work, Drax - those are beautiful! I especially love the writing on the orders pad and the banner is gorgeous! Bravo!

  2. Beautiful free hand work! I think that it is a very groovy squad. ;)

  3. lookin' good. Your right though,they do look better then your command team ;) Love the attention to detail, writing on the note pad, to the detail in the ribbons.

  4. Great work Drax. The banner is great - the colour choice is very good, nice and bright.

    I love that you captured the Welsh flag, and I also love the aquila on the note pad.

    Fantastic work all round.

  5. Cadfael am byth!

    Lovely little flag sir. I like these a lot.

  6. Thanks, All - I have to say that I'm dead chuffed with how these turned out!

  7. And so you should be, the little detail things are still popping out at me now. FW, Empire bits and that pack on the GL man, where did that come from ?!?! Your freehand is fantastic. The work on the banner and tiny tiny wee minute welsh flag must have given you eye strain.

    Good to see you at the weekend ! And thanks again for the command squad, they'll find plenty to do once they reach 17 Korps HQ.

  8. Mate, it was great to see you and your entourage too...I forgot to say that the squad's ride is almost ready too - just a couple more hours needed on it.

    As for that backpack? - it's actually stowage from the old sentinel kit that Mrs Drax painted up for me 10 years ago. Wanted to go for that 'pack-rat' look...

  9. Fantastic. I knew I'd seen it sometime in the past, but couldn't place it.

    Any sign of the 40K 6 pounders ? Counts as vanquishers ? :) or Counts as Las Cannons ? :/ counts as autocannons :(


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