Monday 27 May 2013

359 Flames of War 6pdrs - Proper Pictures

Hi All,

My next post will be another 40K update, as I'm getting back into my paining and I've finished another couple of the Liaison Squad, but for now - as promised - some better pics of my recently ompleted Flames of War 6pdrs Platoon:
Fun with camouflage! For those of you who've wondered before about the brightness of the grass on my bases, I reckon it pretty much matches the grass in my garden as a rule... and after all, I'm only about 130 miles away from the Normandy coast here!
 Keep well!

- Drax.


  1. Really nice pics, love all your outdoor photos. Proof that camo really works - the amount of times my PaKs have been overlooked because my opponent couldn't spot them in the undergrowth...

  2. The old undergrowth is looking a bit thick there admiral. See there's been plenty o' rain in Devonshire.

  3. They might find it hard to move the guns through that terrain LOL. Beautiful photos!

  4. Nice gun troupe sir. They look very nice against that garden.

    6pdrs in Late War are one of my fav units. AT11 and ROF3? Take that Fritz!

  5. Thanks, chaps!

    > John L: you know what? that's only a week's growth! Would you believe that after a VERY laste start, Devonshire really is bursting into summer with a vengeance!


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