Sunday 10 November 2013

385 "The plan is... ...there is no plan."

I've been looking forward to posting about my game last week - it was brilliant! 2000pts Vs Nurgle Chaos SM plus Daemon allies...

...Directly afterwards I wrote it all up in meticulous detail in my Book of Arcane Scribblings (Vol. VII) as I so often do...

...complete with a sketch map...

...(those of you who've seen the Book of Arcane Scribblings (Vols. I-VI) will know whereof I speak)...

...and then I put the Book of Arcane Scribblings (Vol. VII) in a safe place...

...and now I can't find the blasted thing.

I cannot find the Book of Arcane Scribblings (Vol. VII).

And I''m bloody annoyed.

Mrs Drax has been tidying. This may or may not be a contributory factor.



  1. Haha ha. I'll bet you find your 3rd year maths book first.

    My boss carries an A4 notebook everywhere he goes and scribbles everything down. But it's all scribble, sometimes even he can't read it. He'll decipher what he can and it's then a memory jogger to help crack the code.

  2. I've had vital bitz 'tidied away' in the past.

    "But... they were only arms and legs...?"

    Good luck finding it mate.

    1. I am so glad my wife games - it reduces the risk of such things. Our cleaner is under strictest instructions not to touch the two modelling tables in the house unless they're totally clear...

  3. Whether the tidy work contributed or not I'd keep it to yourself. Any complaints might be seen as an excuse for you to do the tidy work yourself!

  4. Hah! I do that sort of thing ALL. THE. TIME. "I'll just put this down someplace where I won't forget it."

    ...Now where the heck did I put it?


  5. It's all there plain and simple - the reason is because it's book 7.... Nurgle needed to offer further annoyance.

  6. Thanks for the very amusing responses, all!

    ...and the good news is - of course - that I've found it.

  7. Er...that is to say: Mrs Drax found it.

    I love my wife.

    1. So busted. Was it in one of the 'safe' places fella?


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