Thursday, 28 November 2013

388 Happy Thanksgiving from England!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my remaining American readers!

Mrs Drax - being a good ol' Chicagoan - has spent the last two days rustling up some great-tasting victuals: not only for us and our guests but also a batch of pumpkin tartlets (for the kids at our daughter's pre-school to try) and even a spare pumpkin pie for me to take into work in the morning ( hours' time, actually!). Quite understandably, we Brits have no idea what the holiday involves at all.
She took the picture in our godawfully dimly-lit cottage, but please trust me when I say that they look FAR better in real life...

...and my wife is the best pastry cook on the planet.

Have a lovely holiday, everyone who can!

- Drax.


  1. Thank you sir, and a happy thanksgiving to you and yours as well!!!

  2. Always a great excuse to have (too much) pie on a Thursday, eh? Those look fantastic - brilliant bit of baking, there!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Those Pie's look delicious!!

    I'm a cheese head my self (if your not sure what that is, ask your wife. Seeing that she's outa Chicago she'll know what it is.) and currently live in Germany. Last year I took a Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Pie into work, and none of the Germans wanted to eat them. The all just stared questionably and said "Potato Pie??" It was a great laugh, and by the time they actually tried some they all like it, and I have since passed around the recipe for both.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! In Canada we had Thanksgiving a month or so ago. I always enjoy Thanksgiving food. My fiance and her family make a great dish called Sweet Potato Supreme; yams baked and mashed up in a dish and then covered in some brown sugar and pecans. Delicious!

  5. I heard Sally Traffic mention that the main road in and out of your town was blocked. I did have visions of you sat in a traffic jam with a turkey on the passenger seat !

  6. We have some US chaps attached to our work at the moment so this year's Thanksgiving was a bit more first hand. If all the food is as good as theirs was, and yours looks, then I think we need to do a bit of holiday importing. Happy thanksgiving everyone!

  7. Just typed a long detailed reply to everyone.

    Blogger deleted it.

    Stupid Blogger.

    I'm too tired and full of food to do it all over again - Happy Turkey Day and thank you for the comments everyone!


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