Friday, 15 November 2013

386 Imperial Guard Codex Wishlist (Drax Version)


I rather suspect this one won't be the only post about this.
Even when I'm in the loop I don't tend to follow the rumourmill, and I visit BOLS so rarely now I feel like a stranger in a land. Nevertheless, I'm given to understand that there is another Imperial Guard Codex in the pipeline.

With no reference to any rumours at all, here are my first thoughts:

Dear GW,
  1. Please proof-read it. Just for a change. Oh, and why not check it's not intrinsically contradictory too...?
  2. Voxcasters. Please make them good again. Please?
  3. Sentinels. They're just so very iconic: please make them more useable once more. It'd be a shame to make them cheaper than their equally-iconic 35pts, but then again they are way too expensive compared to anything else that's similar. Why not give them their one weapon for free? - it's not like they're going to hit anything anyway!
  4. Hydras. I've not played new flyer rules much, but please just make the things fit the fluff. They must be able to engage both surface and air targets.
  5. Veterans - I don't care how effective they are in-game, but please make sure they've got lots of fun options!
  6. Vendettas - I don't play them myself, but they're quite evidently overpowered. I used to think they were - quite frankly - daftly overloaded and overpowered. Then GW started releasing all the really daft Space Marine flyers. Yup.
  7. Orders? I dunno. I like the mechanic, but they can really slow the turn down. Plus it's rubbish having to do them first.
  8. Make Techpriests FUN again, won't you? Personally, I'd love to see 2nd-Ed-style Techpriests running ino destroyed tanks to personally fire their guns...but we all know that's WAY too fun, right?
  9. Make the Devil Dog worth taking. It's such a fun little idea and it should be the mainstay of IG light anti-tank vehicles (I love to roll with one) but instead it's eclipsed in every single way by the Vendetta.
  10. Bring back support weapons platoons. Why would you ever have got rid of them? -It's such a beautifully Guard thing! Madness.
  11. Regiments! Bring 'em back! Whether or not they're supported rules-wise (and whyever not?) at least acknowledge the existence of more than four of them.
  12. Why don't the IG have any scouts? Like, y'know, proper recce scouts?
  13. Please think about options for troops. Currently, heavy weapons squads CANNOT take a transport to help them lug their gear around but CAN take krak grenades for when they go tankhunting. Naturally, special weapons squads (y'know, the ones that are ideal for BS3 tankhunting) cannot take either!
  14. Leman Russes. Why do they have only 3 structure points?
  15. Given the abundance of monstrous creatures and high-toughness things on the 41st Millennium these days, might the Imperal Guard have started training units to deal with them? Only, my Str3 lasguns aren't much use. Giant-Killers - that's what we need.
  16. A model for hydras, maybe?
  17. Leman Russ Annihilators in main rules?
  18. Make Masters of Ordnance actually useful. I mean off-table artillery barrage useful For a price, of course. And it'd be cool if you could detach a squad for their protection...
  19. Give Penal Legionnaires teeth again: the 6th Ed rules for assaulting from reserve and using frag grenades against tanks pretty much scuppered the Legion's usefulness. A pity, because they're fun.
  20. Stormtroopers - make 'em cheaper or make 'em better. And finally...
That is all.

- D.


  1. Nice thoughts Drax.
    I get the strong feeling that a number of these wishes will come true.
    However, as for point 1 - You're dreaming mate!

  2. Bring back PROPER Last Chancers! I miss Schaeffer!

    2 Wounds for Platoon Commanders again, and an option to upgrade Vt Sgts in Vet Squads to have 3 for +45 points, just to make our fluffly leaders a bit more survivable!

    And I second the call for regiments/doctrines.

    1. That's a cracking point about wounds - in both cases!

  3. I'm sure your requests have been heard by GW and filed in the proper circular receptacle.

  4. #1. Bring. back. Beastmen. penitents. The galaxy is a big place and there's no better cannon-fodder than filthy muties.

    #2. Rough Riders. New models and better rules please.

    #3. Robots - Techpriests need their real pets, servitors don't cut it.

  5. I have cogitated and reflected on this list for some time. Whole minutes. And I broadly agree with the gist of most of it.

  6. Yep, good wishlisting. Also GW Please please give ogryns the lovin they deserve, like storm troopers make 'em cheaper or better (preferably just cheaper!)


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