Tuesday 4 February 2014

411 How On Earth Did This Happen?

Someone recently noted that they'd like to see my collection of Flames of War minis all gathered together for a group hug. The weather's filthy, so I've gathered them all together in the only place with decent light in my dim, damp cave of a cottage - the kitchen - in their brand new KR multicase foam!

Apparently I've somehow amassed more than I realised:
Everything painted. Details below in no particular order...
4 25pdrs, their staff team and a half-dozen 3" mortars
Shermans and Firefly VCs
4.2" mortars and 25pdr bases
Scratch-Built Austin AOP and misc. command bases
 1 and 2 rifle platoons' squads and a 4-gun 6pdr platoon. There are two more of these foam trays as yet unfilled too!
I will get a full picture soon, honest...
And here's an extra bonus: something I did some work on in a half-arsed way t'other day - a 1/144 Typhoon I picked up for £2 and knocked together - the painting is, of course, W-i-P:
We're getting there, y'know. Slowly maybe, but we are getting there.

Next up: fun and games and Gravis at 'PAW 2014' in Plymouh last weekend...

- Drax.


  1. Cool. I use KR Multicase too and like the flexibility of the system. Is that a Revell Typhoon? How was it to assemble?

    1. Ach! Sorry for the delay: been having some trouble with the internet.

      YES - it is a Revell Typhoon. I've just finished it and taken some pics, mate, so it'll be up later today...possibly including some four-letter words about its construction!

  2. It can be terrifying when one has a review of he troops.

  3. Super sexi! Your Brits and My Brits should team up some day and kick some Bosch behind! (If I ever visit the UK again....)

    Tiffie looks to be coming along nicely. Kit come with decals? (Wish mine cost me 2 squids....)

    Which KR did you get? Soft or hard case?

    1. Mate, that would be fantastic!

      The Typhoon did indeed come with decals - post going up later today...watch this space.

      Oh, and it's a soft case. I'm being cheap, as always. Not that cardboard's a great idea in a cottage as damp as mine...

  4. Hmm, I'll have to have a look at that multicase, not seen them before. Very nice collection.

    1. Shameless plug for my blog, but here's how I use the KaiserRushforth system to stow my IG.


    2. Yeah, Ady's really shows them off to a fuller effect. It's a great system, but the website is terrible; confusing too. If I hadn't bought one in person then I woud've called them up and talked to them by phone just to be sure...

  5. Question for ya:

    Is the KR foam softer or harder than the Battlefoam stuff?

    1. Ooh - I couldn't tell you - sorry: I've never experienced the wonder that is Battlefoam.

      Gents? Anybody?


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