Saturday, 22 February 2014

415 - Great News from the Plastic Soldier Company!


I emailed them months ago to ask about this, and they said it was on its way, but it's great to know that in the pipeline for us Brits is nothing other than...
15mm Universal Carriers!

Plus, of course, a bunch of other stuff for other, more fashionable armies, like 88mm guns with tractors and Panzergrendiers.
That's right, those brilliant, brilliant folks over at the Plastic Soldier Company have decided to make cheaply available one of the most pleasingly ubiquitous of all WW2 fact, one could quite reasonably call it 'universal'!

Here's to recce fun in all theatres, eh?

- Drax


  1. I love recce. I wonder how much the PSC models will be. The Battlefront ones are pretty reasonable.

  2. Bet they'll come with all the correct options tho (piat/.50 cal/etc), maybe even HMG and mortar too? [Which battlefront doesn't offer]
    Shame I already have 4 patrols. ....

  3. Thanks, chaps.

    Cameron, the BF ones are fairly reasonable, but the lack of options is a real pain for someone starting out in the hobby. Actually, what's put me off more (you'll note, I don't have any except for two I got with other boxes as transort/OPVs) is that th quality of the casts is really pretty poor. Mine are both painffully lacking in crispness and detail, especially in comparison to the (far newer) 25pdr scenic bases.

    Let us hope that Dai is right...and why woudn't he be? - After all, a range of options is not onlywhat modellers are rying out for; it also allows for them to fill up what could otherwise be a rather sparse sprue.

    And yes: wasps coud be fun...l

    Now, I wonder how on earth they'll be priced...

    1. If there other stuff is anything to go by, I'd say maybe.... $15-20 for 5?

    2. And of course, by "there" I of course mean THEIR..... House full of screaming children doing my nut in..... >_<


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