Friday, 14 February 2014

413 - PAW 2014 - Wargaming Convention

Yup, this is just the promised brief snapshot of Plymouth's excellent PAW 2014 (1st-2nd Feb '14). Phone pics first:
Detail from a GORGEOUS Bolt Action Demo Game - I'm afraid I really don't know whose (any claimants?)
Another detail from the same game
And again. Just lovely minis - Bolt Action's just so evocative when well presented!
Long shot of a wide-ranging more modern game - 1:72? Still no idea whose game this was, I'm afraid...
Ditto (detail)
And just inside the main hall - who else but our very own Kirton Games!
I went only for an hour or so, as I had No.2 Daughter with me (my bargaining chip for being allowed out) and for once, I actually bought something. Two things in fact: I bought my new KR Multicase and I bought a pot of the new GW curiously-not-quite-Dark-Angels-Green paint from the ever-pleasant Col. Gravis, who was there with Kirton Games. Yay!
Gravis is the pensive-looking one at the stall at the back...
Now, rather impressively, the PAW event takes up two very large sports halls, and this year it included (I believe) six tournaments too - including 40K and Flames of War. Next year I might just take a Flames army along...

It's hosted by the excellent Plymouth Association of Wargamers, and I've been very struck a number of times by how friendly it is. Talking of which, if anyone can point me towards any owners of the models in the shots above I'd be much obliged...

Who knows - if I keep this up then maybe one day I might even emerge from my gamer's closet...?!

Keep well,

- Drax.

PS: It's half-term now, so weather, family and sleep notwithstanding I might just be able to get a wee bit more painting done...


  1. (Think this got lost in the ether, so sorry if it double-posts)

    Always nice to see other wargaming conventions about and cross swords with some opponents / part with some pennies. Looks like you had a good time.

    So what might you be painting this half term then? Hope the weather hasn't been too bad 'doon thar'. I just heard my bin go over ten minutes ago but that's mercifully as bad as it's got so far.

  2. Yeah you poor sods and those storms.... My Mum's ponds are near to flooding. Stay safe out there mate - heck, send some of that rain over to us here in Cali, damned drought is threatening to force water cut-off's in the Summer if we don't get more precipitation.

    Looks like a rather grand affair at that con. I'll be going to my first of the year next month for March's Flames of War tourney. Though it'll be far smaller than the one you've photo'd above.

  3. Hullo Chaps. and sorry for the delay - I thought I had replied.

    Half term is mostly concerned with finishing off the bits for Zzzzzz to clear the decks...then I'll be back to a mix of 40K and Flames.

    Yesterday we had sun. It was a beautiful spring day. Man, if you've never seen South Devon spring into life in the spring (proper) then you haven't lived. After this rainfall its going to be a real explosion of colour.

    For some pics of local damage, check out the post I plan to put up this coming weekend (likely to be #416)...


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