Saturday, 5 April 2014

426 - Cool Things My Penal Legionnaires Did in 5th Edition

Well now, on the advent of the new Guard Codex - and in anticipation of revamping my blog in the near-ish future - I thought I'd just cast a brief look back at my beloved Penal Legion squads. Here's the second squad (green squad):
I've used them far less since the introduction of Sixth Ed rules lost them their ability to arrive from reserve and attack straight away, but I do love them still.

Here, from my soon-to-disappear sidebar of the same name as this post, is exactly what it says - cool things the Legion did in 5th Ed (in more-or-less chronologicla order, most recent first...and yes, they're in sidebar-shorthand):
  • Fought through the remnants of three D'Eldar squads to seize their objective and win
  • Assaulted and destroyed a lurking Vyper, then held an objective unmolested
  • Assaulted and destroyed a unit of Dire Avengers, thereby stealing their objective
  • Assaulted and blew up an otherwise untouchable whirlwind in deep cover...on turn 2.
  • Assaulted and killed THREE Blood Angel assault terminators, destroying the unit.
  • Saved a flank by assaulting and destroying some IG Hardened Veterans
  • Suicide-charged an Guardian squad + Farseer...then locked them in combat for two turns!
  • Killed a Blood Angel then strolled unharmed to secure an objective 20+" away.
  • Killed a Necron Destroyer Lord in counter-attack...sadly he resurrected himself - git.
  • held a flank by standing in the open and gunning down an entire tactical squad in cold blood
  • arrived in the enemy's rear to wipe out a combat squad and a rune priest
  • secured an entire flank by eliminating two Tau broadsides and the last of the Kroot.
Glory days, eh?
- Drax.


  1. Quite a list of achievements. Well done those convicts.

  2. I kill myself laughing every time I read this list!
    Cripes Admiral, what do these guys have to do to earn their freedom?

    1. Ha! Thanks, Chaps!

      And yes, the God-Emperor is indeed an unforgiving God-Emperor.

  3. Echoing the good Col. Ackland - any survivors from the original squad should surely have been transferred out after those achievements.

    That Necron Lord hey - such a git! - Getting looks from the missus for lol'ing at the screen again.

  4. Holy God-Emperor - Mike! You exist!


    For the record, everyone, Mike was on the receiving end of "held a flank by standing in the open and gunning down an entire tactical squad in cold blood"...and maybe another one.

    It's been too long, Mike!

  5. By the way, the match in which my Legionnaires polished off those three BA assault terminators (NOT against Mike) went comically badly for my opponent: in the same turn his other (full) squad of assault terminators led by his commander flew out of their landraider to attack a squad of three infiltrating snipers (Cadian models; ratling stats) and FAILED TO REACH THEM ON THE CHARGE! [5th Ed rules].

    Next turn my gunline made pitifully short work of them, I'm afraid...

  6. rumour is that the penal legion is NOT in the new codex. >_<


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