Friday, 25 April 2014

434 - Trucks, Halftracks and Other Impressive Things Afoot in the Blogosphere...

Hullo, All.

There are so many exciting things happening at the moment - especially with the new Guard Codex - that I felt I just had to share some of them with you. I hope you'll indulge some of these links, as they're worth it!

Firstly, THESE are starting to appear - thank the Emperor:

used with permission - Tabletop Fix.
 - Above is the version spotted by Tabletop Fix at Salute - it's by Zinge Industries [link] - and I'm pleased to note that we've already seen pics of a halftrack one currently being worked on by the very talented Karitas (please check it out):
This is just about the only thing that could possibly entreat me to buy this truck. Boy, it really does look better with wheels!

Secondly, there was a very interesting debate yesterday on Faeit 212 about the nuts and bolts of the Wyvern's shooting mechanic - in particular the prolonged awkwardness of shooting a battery of three vehicles at once, following the 'Rules As Written' approach.

It really is terribly convoluted and complicated.
The Faeit 212 discussion is worth a read [here], but the (mostly accurate) nitty-gritty is discussed in a far more straightforward way on Pins of War [here]. It's absolute bloody lunacy.
Fnally, please allow me to publically thank Karitas and Courtney H for yesterday - they know why(!) - and Zzzzzz for his centaurrific generosity. It's things like these and people like these that keep me coming back, y'know?

- Chris.


  1. It's amazing the difference the wheels make over the tracks.

  2. Now then. The Zinge conversion kit, with no weapons, looks a little bit like a Bedford Quad artillery tractor. I've got a number of DKK field arty pieces, which at the moment are just going to go on the table at the back.

    But the rule of kool says that if I can find suitable ammunition limbers to go in between, then the pointless (as in, one would never spend points on it in a game) addition of these is something that should be indulged.

  3. Oh dear lord, you're right.

    But stop! Then you'd be left with a whole bunch of spare turrets, tracks and missile systems and what use could you ever possibly find for...


  4. You can always just send all those leftover parts to me... I'll find a way to recycle them. All in the interests of being green, you know.

  5. I just found your Blog, and boy am I glad I did. Some very cool stuff going on here!

    On another note, I really like that 4x4 Taurox. I really don't like the original model, but the wheeled version is growing on me fast!

    1. I'm with you all the way, Valhallan - and thanks for swinging by!

      - D.


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