Friday, 4 April 2014

425 - Is This the End of Creed?

Just a thought, but in the email GW just sent out, did anyone else notice that those stalwarts of the Eye of Terror, Creed and Kell, are now just listed under the more mudane title, "Imperial Officers"?
(taken from GW's email)
So then... does this mean tht Creeeeeeed! is a thinng of the past?
- Drax.


  1. GW does like deleting characters for no good reason.

    Still, mine was never Creed anyhow.

    I fear this new codex will suck balls.

  2. Well, Sly Marbo is gone completely, and Sentinels and Rough Riders are conspicuously absent from the webstore listings.

    1. Hi, C J.

      Marbo''s one of the only fun Guaard units for me at the moment, so that would be a shame, but the sentinels are still up on the UK store...

    2. However it appears that the hunting lance is listed in some of the IG Codex preview pages so hope is not completely lost. Same for the armoured sentinel.

  3. Eloquently phrased, sir!

    No, I've never been one for Creed - neither fluff nor rules (although I quite like the model). I gues we'll see. If the new codex does indeed suck balls, I've a feeling it might just be my last GW purchase for a long time...

  4. I'm in half a mind not to get it. The general vibe from 'our lot' is that it is a poor replacement. Would using the model as a commander be an option? Not the same, really. Time for me to dust off my fountain pen and write another letter to GW.

  5. they can drop people from the codex, but memes live on.


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