Sunday, 28 June 2015

510 - 6MMRPC 5: Orkses

Who would've thought that Drax would be painting up Orkses, eh?

Well, he is; I am.

I am RIDICULOUSLY busy with my second job at the moment (I'm essentially not blogging for the next two weeks) but - determined as I am to not fluff this second 6MMRPC - I snatched 20 minutes tonight in order to splash a wee bit more paint on Da Masta Cheef's rather characterful orks:
Another poxy late-night mobile phone pic. Mrs Drax has hidden the camera again...

Every little helps, right?

Sorry for the lack of comments on your blogs this fortnight: I will be back - promise!

- Drax.

PS: There's going to be some 40K action this summer. Jus' sayin'...


  1. Well done Drax. Getting any time some weeks is a super hard go. Hope the work situation calms down in the not too distant future for you.

  2. Setting a goal to just paint something for a few minutes works so well. I often find the hardest part is getting started.

    I actually painted an ork gretchin last night. I'll have pictures up in a week or two. I have some other stuff to post first.

  3. Hurrah ! For all of it. And yes, the hardest bit is always getting started.

  4. Looking good, I look forward to chasing them around with one of my armies once Da Cheef gets them back,

  5. Huzzah!

    (an' Da Boyz will be doin da chasin Neverness!)

  6. Anything is good. It's not supposed to be a chore tho, so don't stress too much if painting time doesn't happen. Stressing about it just takes all the fun out of it.

    1. But...but...

      If I break down, then the machine breaks down...

    2. Wait... I thought the machine ran on beer and fine wines? Cos if that's the case, it never breaks down.

  7. Forward progress is just that...progress! Have a good two weeks, we'll be awaiting your return!

  8. Orks! YESSSS! Everyone paint more orks!


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