Monday, 21 March 2016

550 - Bolt Action Painting Chart Update

Five-hundred-and-fifty, eh? Woo-hoo!

I figured it was about time that I should explore and update my painting chart for Bolt Action in 28mm, especially as I'm trying to curtail any and all expansion at the moment. 

That fourth section is annoying me (the one that's all four colours and yet still one man short!), but I've reconciled them to being a section of odds and sods, and the engineering equipment doesn't detract from their ability to fight as riflemen.

As it happens, I also just realised that with plans for THREE mortars (one more than a conceivable 2-platoon list could legitimately field), the loader of my 2" mortar could in fact act as a 10th man for 4 sect...

I do so wish that the always fun but not very punchy 2" mortars could just be fielded as part of a platoon without taking up the 'support' slot...

- Drax.


  1. Thought those 2" mortars were smoke generators anyhow? Nice to conceal troop movements and stop snipers from having their wicked way.

    I like the idea of 4th section being a mix of odds and sods.

  2. The 2" is great, especially when I want to play the platoon AS a historical platoon... Except that it takes up that mortar slot.

    Maybe it'd be nice to have a rule like the 40k formations rules (except that'd go starkly against the beautiful simplicity of BA) whereby if you included a full platoon of HQ + 3 full sections + PIAT you could get one 2" mortar for free.

    I'm not being serious.

    Plus, I suspect that the good folks I play against wouldn't begrudge me taking it for fluff's sake!

    1. (Not for free, obviously: I mean in addition to a proper mortar...)

    2. I'd let you for that very reason.

      But then you'd likewise have to let me have a pregame katyusha and artillery bombardment every game for my soviets!

    3. Checks and balances, right?

    4. (Plus, of course, that pre-game d6 roll of yours...

      1: All your infantry units froze to death during the night before.

      2: Your force comes from all over the union - from Poland to Mongolia and as such have no common language at all. All units suffer -4 morale.

      3: Vodka issue! All of your units are drunk! You automatically pass all morale tests, but rather than issuing orders you have to just roll the order dice instead.

      4: All infantry units have no ammunition.

      5: All vehicle units have no ammunition.

      6: Fine. Play as normal.

  3. Why there are just two tanks? You should get at least 15 - 20, like in 40k. What are you going to do when you finish the army? Are you going to start a new one?

  4. Ha! Yes, it does make rather a change, doesn't it? It's not even two tanks, either: just one and a beefy Armoured car.

    There is a Bolt Action expansion called 'Tank War' in which you can go crazy with tank platoons, but for the most part, each basic list (think HQ+troop+troop) allows you only one tank...and 'tank' includes self-propelled artillery too!

    I've got a big year of upheaval coming up, so no plans for expansion at the moment, but next up eventually will be Desert Rats in both 28mm and 15mm...


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  6. I do like those painting charts. I think the thing that most tempts me about BA is the thought of tanks as special - not 40K or Rapid Fire 'waves' - because you actually have to think about what you're doing. A BA army is still on the wish list. And I particularly like the pre-game D6 roll...

    1. Cheers!

      Funnily enough, I've got enough for two 'core' platoons now, which doubles my support slots (points notwithstanding), and I realised last night that I'd completely forgotten to add my second armoured car in: I've also got a lovely-looking Staghound.

      This means there's only one thing left that I'm still thinking of getting: a second Cromwell, but one that can act as the medium howitzer-toting Close Support variant.

      ...And then I suspect I'll call this force pretty much complete!

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