Saturday, 2 April 2016

551 - Painting Bolt Action British Infantry Step-by-Step

Hullo All,
I've been off on valedictory travels around England, staying with old friends, so there's no new hobby content per se. Instead, here's something I've been meaning to post for a while - if only for my own record keeping: it's my own step-by-step for me to follow, copied from the venerable Book of Arcane Scribblings, Volume VII and illustrated with some pics from earlier this year.
Here it is, verbatim. In each case, the number to the left is my estimation of the time taken per figure to complete each step, and all steps are presented in vague order:

20 mins   construct model and base with sand
1 min      prime (Halfords Grey spray)
1 min      base coat (English Uniform spray)
1 min      base: drybrush (Bleached Bone) 
2 mins    webbing, knapsack and spats etc. (Khaki)
1 min      helmet and gas cape (Russian Uniform)
2 mins    boots, Brens, Stens, pistols, bayonet frogs etc. (Black)
2 mins    faces and hands (Tallarn Flesh)
1 min +   rifle furniture and tool hafts etc. (??Brown) 
1 min -    rifle metal (Black)  
1 min      patches and flashes (??Red and ??Yellow)
2 mins     mugs and rank stripes (Bleached Bone)
1 min      bayonets, tool heads etc. (Bolt Gun Metal)
1 min      eyes (White); pupils and 11AD 'bulls' (black fineliner)
1 min -    tidy up cloth and flesh
2 mins     helmet camo (??Brown, Orkhide, ??Tausept Ochre)
1 min      Darkshade all over
1 min      drybrush webbing (Khaki/Bleached Bone)
1 min      edge base (Graveyard Earth)
2 mins +  base: static grass with PVA
2 mins    base: flowers with superglue; grass tufts

>>Don't forget drying time - especially for the fineliner!<<
So there you go. 


- Drax.


  1. And this is why my own BA stuff is taking an age to get through.... Takes so much time! >_<

    Thanks for sharing mate.

    1. Yeah, funny that...and my lot don't even have fancy stubble or flames like yours do!

    2. Fancy? :)

      Just watered down blue-grey slapped on appropriately. But then, my Soviets are a slovenly lot, not at all like your spit-n-polish PBI.

  2. Very nice work, I really like the bases. What I hate about BA is constructing the miniature. Its really annoing when hands or rifles break, or fall off...

    1. Do you use superglue, mate? I've long since forsaken poly cement, as I hate the wait for awkward joins to set, I hate the melty mess, and I hate the fact that the bonds are irreversible.

      The brittleness of superglue, on the other hand, means that if your mini is unlucky enough to fall and break, the break will be clean and instantly repairable!

      Cheers for swinging by...

  3. Glad to find a fellow polycement apostate as well! Bookmarked for future reference...

    1. Yup. Those days are over! Cheers.

    2. I can't stand the poly-melty-stuff either. Meh. SUperdupergluper for me too.


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