Tuesday, 16 August 2016

567 - Bolt Action Intro Game

Hullo Readers,

The weather has actually been glorious recently, so no chance of photographing new units properly(!) but here you'll see one of them in action at least...
My handsome Staghound is now more-or-less finished,
bar an antenna and a bit of mild weathering.
Last Friday I ran a small 750pt introductory game for a seasoned player interested in converting to Bolt Action.

When I've tried to play intro games before they've always been unsuccessful, because despite my best efforts, I've won. 

I didn't this time.


The Brits took an absolute thrashing at the hands of some veteran SS. 
Some veteran SS
We were wiped out to a man, but it was a cracking game, and we didn't go down without a fight!
The Brits. Going down but not without a fight.
More nasty SS types
The bastard panzerschrek. Bastard.
By the end of turn 6 I had been tabled, but it was smashing.

We'd played an 'open' game, with me talking Peter through his options as and when they appeared, so his Germans (on loan from David, who runs the club) had a decent crack at it. 

  • With the last order die of turn 1, Peter brought on his HQ with two riflemen. I pointed out that they could have a crack at one of my lorries: a 6 to hit and a 6 to destroy. Guess what happened. 
  • Peter had a metric crap-tonne of assault rifles (deliberately!) which caused me grief, but only a single panzerfaust and a panzerschrek team in order to tackle my Staghound. The panzerschrek team, on turn four, needed a 6 to hit. When it did, it rolled a second 6 for penetration, and then two more 6s on the damage table. Ka-boom.
  • My last unit standing was my 2" mortar (yes, I took a 2" mortar - deliberately), and with its last, desperate shot, they just managed to kill the SS Leutnant and his remaining runner. Well done, lads
So there we are.

That's all for now; tune in next time for some unit updates...


- Drax.


  1. Art so often mirrors life...

    (me at work again !)

  2. Honestly, with the (admittedly deliberately underpowered) list I took, I don't actually know how I could have won!

    1. Massive arty bombardment, of course. Art mirrors life...

    2. Ha! Of course!

      And it just so happens that to make it easier for Peter, I DIDN'T take my free artillery observer.


    3. Ha! Of course!

      And it just so happens that to make it easier for Peter, I DIDN'T take my free artillery observer.


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  4. Fun looking game. In all honesty, BA's rules set is so simple, most veteran gamers should pick it up pretty bloody fast.

    I took an arti FO in my last practice game, my first time using one. I rolled on the table to drop his bombardment, rubbing my hands excitedly as Soviets have a lovely rule where their blast diameter has a better chance of being max (Take highest roll out of two dice) then promptly rolled a 1.... Good bye T34 and attendant squad of tank riders and of course said FO. *sigh*

    1. O and have you had a gander at the new Konflict '47 version of BA? Some of the "Weird" stuff looks rather fun.


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