Saturday, 20 August 2016

568 - Desert Sikhs: A First Proper Look

Dear All,

I'm off on my travels again (a wedding in London, no less!) and so painting has had to be postponed even further, but I'm taking late-night advantage of my hosts' WiFi to finally post the few pics of my new Desert Rats Sikhs that I've been working on.

Not much explanation needed - I'll reflect on the minis and the process in a future post. For now, all you need to know is that (a) the bases will be adorned yet with some tufts etc., and (b) that - inevitably - they look much better in the flesh. For example, the NCO's rank stripes barely show up here, but they are there - I promise!

Cheers for now,
- Drax.


  1. Very nice painting my dear Admrial. I always like to see Empire troops rather than just vanilla Brits, just for a bit of variety. Good show!

  2. Looking great Drax! It's hard getting similar tones to work well together!

  3. Smashing bunch for sure mate.

    I like your skin tones too. My Winter Soviets versus your desert blokes.... that would be a weird match up.

    1. Yes, mate.

      YES! Thatd be a cracking match-up...

      ...but only if yours are also early war!

    2. O, they would be. I'd even purchase a T-26 or something for the event.

      Something to plan for the future eh?

  4. Thank you very much, everyone!

    I'm pleased with how the skin tones worked out too... and RELIEVED, because I always have particular trouble painting browns and greys.

    In this case, I've used a range of 5 different browns for the skin, and one of them is the same colour as the rifle furniture. This seemed terribly counter-intuitive at first, but turns out it works out fine.

    For those of you interested, I completely randomised the lightness of the skin tones - including that of the officer - as I know the relative lightness or darkness can carry social connotations in some parts of Indian society.

    More on the officer and NCOs soon, once I've researched the nomenclature...

  5. I am always impressed by Sikh units, and these ones are superb, excellent job!


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