Wednesday, 18 January 2017

584 - More Bolt Action Gaming No.1

Happy New Year!

Been a while - partly because accessing blogger on my new work laptop is trickier, and partly because...well, I've actually been gaming rather than just blogging about it!

Here's game one - against a newbie, helping him to prepare for Mattenbury's start-up escalation league at my new FLGS 'Dark Star'. He's a seasoned gamer, so Bolt Action came easily to him, and he gave me a run for my money.

I bought along my Desert Sikhs, knowing that he had a nascent Late-War German Veteran force. It was close, but I just pipped it in the end. Still, he enjoyed it enough to come back for more!

Pics follow...
Those plucky Desert 'Brits' again...
...and ze Germans.

Deployment, my left flank
My Humber moves up and gets blatted by the Sdk.Fz 251/10. Damn,
The Germans advance on my left whilst I storm up the right and
fight through. Luckily, some defensive fire turned up just in time
to halt the advancing foe. Phew!
In the centre, my Crusader just embarrasses itself by getting
beaten up by a 251/10-cum-Stummel-cum-Panzerfaust combo.
It weathers it all, but is immobilised and can't hit for toffee.
THESE CHAPS, on the other hand, were just BRILLIANT!
Having shot up the right flank in a lorry, they dismounted, shot-up
 then assaulteda sniper team, THEN assaulted and destroyed his
Stummel, and THEN did the same to his 251/10.
Then they stopped for a brew. 
In the end, it was bravely fought, but the marauding Sikh
1 Section swung it my way.  

Now, let's see if I can cue up a couple more of these whilst I've got a lazy evening of babysitting ahead of me...

Cheers, All!

- D.


  1. Fantastic stuff, glad to see I've not been the only one gaming rather than blogging about it, sounds too much like multitasking to me. Looks like a bit of a nail biter there but huzzah for that Sikh section!

    1. They were on fire!

      I did play uncharacteristically recklessly though - it was an intro game after all.

      Cheers, mate.

  2. Gotta love those close games, and a bit eerily like most of those desert battles went too.

    1. Ha! Yes. I must say, my armoured car and tank performed about as reliably as their WW2 counterparts...!

  3. Winning is everything. Well, aside from painting. Winning and painting is everything.

    Good to see you are able to play more matey.

    1. Painting? PAINTING?

      Sooooo very much painting to do - and a couple of other jobs beforehand in the queue too!

  4. A really good battle report! Thank you for sharing. Particularly enjoyed following the 'marauding Sikhs'.

    1. My pleasure! There's more on the way, too...

      Wish I'd taken more pics of that squad, now!

  5. No. 1 Section sound pretty tough! :D

    1. Yeah! Taking out the sniper was a given, but the two half-tracks too? - that was a real boon!

    2. Cheers for swinging by, Peter!


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