Wednesday, 25 January 2017

586 - More BA Gaming No.3: Col Gravis! now, of course, I may even have played yet another game of Bolt Action, but the backlog posting must continue, eh?

This one was a real joy too - up against my ol' blogging mate and stalwart of the South-West gaming scene, Col Gravis: the man behind both Curious Constructs and Kirton Games.

It was a straight-up dust-up (I can never remember the names of the actual missions!) and Gravis brought along a motley crew of regular Heer to pitch against 1000pts of my 4KSLI 11th Armoured. 

Wow - three different games using three different armies in two different locations within two weeks - literally unprecedented in pretty much every way for me. Yay!

The good news is that this Torbay club is actually pretty close for Gravis (closer than for me!), so we hope to do it again before too long.
The set-up. I'm going left to right in this pic.
Gravis' stuff. All regs. A 222 and some sort
of SP-gun were my main concerns. No idea
what the SP is, by the way. Any offers?

The halftracks advance upto the centre.
One squad invests the building, but the
other stays in.
I, meanwhile, also advance to contact. 
(I didn't really worry much about this squad
on my right flank) 
The start of a long period of putting the hurt onto those
centre-tale halftracks. The mounted squad never got to
actually dismount willingly.
My super-super brave PIAT team jump out of their lorry
to take on the German armour. Inevitably, they fluff it.
They actually get a second chance.
And fluff that too.
Then get gunned down.
My Cromwell shakes off the nasty pins from that nasty,
nasty German SP gun, but fails to do much in return. 
Luckily the SP fails to hit anything after this point. 
The outflanking unit tries to join in, but will get stalled on
the bridge by my Staghound.
This is AFTER my artillery rounds came down. One of
the halftracks copped a full-on heavy artillery round...
...which now, of course, also comes with a 4" template
of hurt. Ouch.
Rather stupidly, my Staghound was also close enough to
catch three pins from the barrage. D'oh!
The endgame - this is the last of the Heer.
They did at least take brutal revenge on
my artillery spotter!
Sad Germans. With the loss of the centre ground,
they know what's about to come their way.

What an absolute blast!

Thanks, all,

- Drax.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Col!

      With luck, there'll be another up tonight. Although I can't promise 'great'...

  2. Fun game to follow! That gaming mat is a pretty one too. Where's it from?

    I think the German SP is a Marder 2? Nasty thing indeed.

    1. Excellent question! I don't know where the mat's from, but next time I'm at the club I'll have a shufti. As it happens, it's not to scale with 28mm...

      And I think I'm right in saying we guessed it was a Marder 2...


  3. I love your write ups Drax. And the terrain you're using looks amazing.

    1. Thanks, mate. Kind words!

      I think the club's going to be significantly expanding its selection this year...


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