Sunday, 22 January 2017

585 - More BA Gaming No.2...and MY NEW GERMANS!


Well, I said I'd cue up another couple of posts...and here's the next. 

Another game (my third!) at Dark Star in Plymouth, and another newbie. This time, though, I fielded my nascent German Heer Grenadier Vets...and this is their first outing on the blogosphere!

This time, I was up against C and her shiny new Fallschirmjäger. Happily, this made for a fun match for my veterans; unhappily, I forgot to take a photo of her beautifully painted new Kradschutzen motorcycle and sidecar. 

The game was really, really fun, but sadly we forgot two things: firstly, that we forgot the special rules for her Fallschirmjäger, and secondly that I forgot that in this first, 500pt round of escalation, only one of my two squads was veteran. Bugger.

C was an absolutely brilliant opponent and a joy to play against. Her recoil-less 105mm medium howitzer, on the other hand, was deeply unpleasant.
The 4x4 table from my table edge (bottom). Five objectives
and that brutal 105 is plumped right on one in the top-
right sandbagged emplacement. 
My NON-veteran squad advances on the right... do my ACTUAL vets on the left. The 105 traverses.
The German lines, being thinned.
Toward the end, my brave, brave veteran sniper finally
gets some support in the shape of my 251.
6MMG shots is brutal.

It's not quite enough, and the remaining FSJ move in
but luckily fail to finish off the sniper. By this point (the
end), my veterans (on the right, here) have rallied and
started to move up. On the other flank, my other squad
assaults and kills his officer and - eventually - his last
Having realised our (my) mistakes in this game, we're going to strike it from the league record, leaving it as a training game. A pity, but it was still an absolutely cracking game!

Next time...

The very welcome return of COLONEL GRAVIS!


- Drax.


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers! Sadly, it'll be a while before they're painted - it's a long queue and they're not at the top!

  2. Unpainted armies hurt my eyes.... :P

    Glad to read you are playing so much and enjoying it too of late! I really like small point games on smaller play-spaces.

    Gravis lives?

    1. Wow, yeah - I played a 500pt league game in under 90 minutes last night!

      Sorry about the lack of paint. I know...

      I know.

      And yes, Gravis lives...And thrives! He runs a part-time game FLGS in Crediton now and both he and it are doing well!

  3. Fun games are the biggest win. Well done Drax.

    1. Yeah, you're right there, mate. Last night's was a classic nail-biter!


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