Tuesday, 26 September 2017

604 - Panzer IV Ausf. H


Another unit painted, and again I actually had fun doing this one!

I've finished my Panzer IV, and I've opted for Schurzen with a different (two-colour) scheme, the idea being that the plates have been salvaged from another vehicle.

Please be advised that In Real Life, the Rotbraun is far more brown and far less red - it's quite muted actually. In these photos it looks really quite vibrantly red: it's not - honest!


- Drax.


  1. How'd you get on attaching that Schurtzen? I've heard it's a pig of a build?

    Looking good there on the paint job. Really like the idea of the borrowed pieces - makes all sorts of fun sense.

    1. Ha! Thanks, mate.

      Yes, it was a pig, but I took my time to get the positions just right (which helped, not least as the instructions were vague at best) and *gasp!* I use superglue for everything, so it bonded instantly!

      Very glad you approve!


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