Friday, 8 September 2017

602 - Resurgam

Hullo, World.

I was totally planning to do some painting this evening, but alas and alack, my frustrating allergies to my two pet cats [don't ask!] has rendered my eyes puffy, bloodshot and less than ideal for painting. 

So I figured I ought to return to the blogosphere. 

Thank you very much for your kind comments after my last post - life is returning to normal now and all is well. 

I've felt actual, real-world guilt for not blogging about some of my Bolt Action games  - which I know is ridiculous - but if I gloss over some of them, I shall at least eventually cover the second part of the Battle of Hamburg (which was every bit as amazing to play as the first installment). For now, though, here is a brief overview of some of my gaming antics over the last three months...

Bolt Action!

In a nutshell, I finally played a game with a fully painted (if not ideally composed) force of Germans and got enjoyably thrashed by Mattenbury's gutsy RM Commandos... 

I played a joint game against some Russians with my established ally, Alex, and to our surprise we won...
I played a handful of introductory games against some pleasant opponents in Portsmouth...
I've painted up my first 1000 points of late-war Germans AND started to put together my Blitzkrieg/Op Sealion Germans with more of a sense of direction now, including a couple of enjoyable conversions...
Points for telling me what's going on with the last two pictures...
For my late-war Brits, I've started putting together a squad of RAF Regiment, a 4.2" mortar and a Chaplain. Because why not, right?!

Black Powder?

Yes, I finally gave Napoleonics a go, on a grand scale, courtesy of Guy and his amazing miniatures...huge fun, but it's not for me.


I finished painting up Zzzzzz's combat medic team (and quite enjoyed them in the end!)...
Oh, and I was invited to Devos IV to help him to "line up the little men". 1830 of them, to be more precise...
Recognise any of these lovelies...?

Yeah, this experience was absolutely amazing! I urge you to check out the first of Zzzzzz's posts about it, here: link, and here: link.

Err...and I've discovered Netflix and the strange not-quite-nostalgia of watching my way through Star Trek: TNG.

Oh, and this is a snapshot of the Drax family (No.1 Daughter) enjoying one of our many beautiful local beaches. Honestly, sometimes it's like living in Narnia, round here...
Good to be back!


- Drax.


  1. So many splendid things in a single post! Love your Bolt Action your local beaches...

    1. Thanks, Phil!

      Yes, we consider ourselves very lucky to live round here!

  2. How do plan on depicting the make up on the Rock Apes ?

    Oh, and PAK37 on a looted universal carrier and don't have enough context for the last picture as they are missing something.....

    1. Re. Rock Apes, rather disappointing the only real difference with them is their shoulder flashes, as they otherwise used Army-issue kit in the in the ETO. That said, I shall at least give most of them RAF berets - just to make the point, really!

      Game-wise, in addition to them being an extra section to attach to 4KSLI, I plan to combine them with my Desert Rats Sikhs and my Churchill to flesh out a rag-tag fighting force for the "soft underbelly" that is Italy!

      The first conversion is a PaK36 (close!) on a Been Carrier, and I love it for two reasons: (1) Warlord actually sell the kit WITH the conversion bits, and have rules for it too, and (2) IT'S FREAKIN' AWESOME!

      The other conversion (and I know it's hard to make out) is - in a similar vein - my new German Anti-Tank Rifle: a Warlord Blitzkrieg German with a Perry Bros' Desert Rats Boys rifle.

      That'll do, Pig; that'll do.

    2. BREN. Bren Carrier. Not "Been".


  3. Love your germans! The looted bren will be a sweet addition.
    Good to see you havent abandoned this blog altogether. ;)

    1. Thanks, mate!

      Currently top of the pile (for a scrap next weekend) are the last of my Sikh Desert Rats units, but then I suspect I'll get back to some Blitzkrieg infantry, a couple of Blitzkrieg transports, a Flakvierling, and a cheeky late-night Nebelwerfer.

    2. Ha!

      Much as I like the idea of a late-night Nebelwerfer, I actually meant a late-war Nebelwerfer!

  4. Haha, TNG, fantastic. The wife and I recently got through Voyager and have just started on that.

    Some lovely pictures there mate, looks like you've been having some fantastic games.

    1. Thanks, Scipio!

      Hopefully there'll be some more content going out soon...


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