Sunday, 25 March 2018

636 - Another Outing for the Germans (Bolt Action)

Hullo All,

Two shortish bat-rep posts, of which this is the first. 

I had a game vaguely set up with Ben, and I fancied using the same 1500pt Heer force as I recently used against Alex's Americans (post 632, here: link) but against Ben's! Luckily, I was able to bully Ben into it...

As irony had it, we rolled up the very same mission, table quarters, which is ideal for Ben's highly mobile US Rangers. Here's the skinny on how it played out, with half the photos courtesy of Ben, as apparently I forgot to take them!
Deployment. You'll note the amount
of pins on my units from the prelim
bombardment. Inevitably, mine failed
to show up. I'm very unlucky with these... unlucky, in fact, that my sniper died
outright in this barrage. Boooo.
Yet again, the Rotbraun looks waaay
too damned RED in these pics.

From the US perspective.
The bloody bazooka team in the middle
of this pic JUST WOULD NOT DIE, and
the squad and Sherman edging round
the hill to the right were a real pain too.
The Rangers bottom-left slaughtered
my mortar spotter, but some Hanomag
Veterans dealt swiftsure retribution,
claiming me that quarter from then on.
Best. Photo. Ever.
My Nebelwerfer was very lucky this game.

Apparently, I somehow failed to take any pics of the only useful thing I managed to do: another veteran squad blew up the annoying veteran Sherman with a 'Faust. 

Sadly - and just as in the previous game - my flamethrower-toting Assault Pioneer was useless: he missed a 2" range shot and then ran out of fuel. Clever Hans.

Time was ticking on (sorry, Ben!), so at turn 5-ish, after some fun ups and downs, we called it a draw. Ben was a brilliant opponent, yet again, and his Americans are just lovely to see. He ought really to bring a little more anti-tank, I think, to general games, and I think he's realising the unfortunate limitations of what should be the brutal THREE MMGs that the Americans can bring to the party. Let's hope their rules get a bump soon, eh?

...and I'm starting to think I need a less powerful piece of artillery. I absolutely LOVE the look and the randomness of my Nebelwerfer, but I can see why folks don't like going up against them. Boooo.

I should do a photo post about my Nebbie, soon, I think. In fact, I need to update a lot of my unit photos now. Hmmm....*thinks*

Next time, I get to roll out my trusty ol' Brits again!


- D. 


  1. Nice table, lovely buildings!

    1. Thanks, Phil...although we find the generic real-world scenery at this club is a little tired, sometimes.

  2. Fantastic game again and always a pleasure to play against an amazingly painted German army

    1. Thanks again, mate!

      I'm brewing a Para-drop Vs Para-drop game for you guys at the mo...

  3. People not wanting to face Nebelwerfers does sort of mirror actual attitudes so perhaps that's as the authors intended (?) but you could take some conventional mortars.

    1. Hey! Yeah - that's quite right. They don't take up the same 'slot' as my mortar, but I can't quite bring myself to field a medium howitzer in its place.

      Plus I really just LOVE the look of it!

  4. As yet to see a Neb actually roll to hit in my games vs German players. But yer right, that model and crew look super cool.

    I like your list though - lots of halftracks is the coolest part I think.

    1. It is indeed aa lovel model.

      Those Hanomags? - On the one hand, they give great mobility and really useful firepower (German MMGs for the win!) but on the other hand they are very expensive, especially if you take the additional rear MMG...

      ...but on the THIRD hand, if you can them out across the centre of your line with a fore-and-aft MMG apiece, it gives you an absolutely brilliant flak screen - almost impenetrable!


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