Wednesday, 4 April 2018

638 - Bolt Action 28mm Heer Showcase (Part I: Infantry)


It's been a while since I showcased my toys, and I've never really done it with my newer ones, so here are the Late-War Germans. You'll find parts 2 and 3 (vehicles and support units) up within the week too - I'd love for you to take a look at them if you've time enough...

Part 1 of 3 - Infantry:

Veteran Assault Engineers:
These chaps sport a flamethrower,
an LMG and 2 Panzerfausts. 
A close-up of the Flammenwerfer.
Heer Grenadier Veteran Squad 1:
Packing an LMG and 2 Panzerfausts.
The NCO has an assault rifle too.
Heer Grenadier Veteran Squad 2:
This squad is armed identically to
Squad 1...
...And their squad markings are on
the underside of their base washers.
Heer Grenadier Squad 3:
The observant amongst you may have
noticed that these are actually early-ish
war minis: they are equipped and painted
for EW, but the plan is to use them in
LW settings as Luftwaffe Field Division
or as luckless garrison troops.
(There are also 11 of them here, as their own Lt snuck into the pic!)
For my Germans, I've taken to using
cheap Tesco pencil cases with strong
magnetic sheet inside. Works brilliantly!
Thanks for visiting; more to follow soon!

- Drax.


  1. Looking good Drax. You've become quite the productive hobbyist in recent times.

    1. Heh! Yeah - not had so much work on. Back to the grindstone now though!

  2. looks like they are straight outta a WW2 movie. So much character Drax!


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