Tuesday, 12 June 2018

648 - The Tools of My Trade

Jesus wept!

- Some of these are over twenty years old!

Oh, and I just caught the Handsome Cat drinking my sodding paint water:

Furry little git.

- Drax


  1. I've enamels which are 35 years old and still good. With enough white spirit. Some of the brushes are possibly that old. Interestingly citadel has been through two generations of paints since I bought most of mine.

    1. Yup!

      Obviously, I couldn't have purchased any paints (enamel or otherwise) 35 years ago when I was still only two(!) but yeah, it's amazing how long paint can last through (a) careful husbandry, (b) not spilling it all on a cream carpet and (c) never doing enough painting!

  2. Good tools (treated well) can last a long time.

    Had to laugh at your cat. Mind you it's better than accidentally drinking your own paint water...been there, done that!

    1. Ha!

      Ditto - gotta love the taste of paint water, right?!

  3. Think my oldest hobby tools are perhaps 20 years old? But then I buy cheap brushes and they don't tend to last longer than a year or so.

    Do you have to tear down that setup and bring it back out every time you want to work on your projects? Looks like work.

    1. Yes mate - it's a considerable set-up each time, and it all has to be fastened away out of sight, too. Perils of living in a small, old cottage.

      The lake of dedicated hobby space I can deal with, and the minimal storage space is fair enough...

      ...but the almost complete lack of decent light? - that's the real kicker!


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